ASU Music Building

Double Reed Society
1998 Conference

2-6 June Arizona State University
School of Music Tempe AZ 85287

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Double reed artists revive our past, define our present, and shape our future.

The 1998 Conference includes a special invitational series of premieres, retrospectives, experiments, and chronologies entitled Identity. Identity is people playing music from their culture, from their training, from their heritage. It's people talking about what's important to them, where they learned it, who they learned it from. It's people sharing their history with you and playing their music within traditional and nontraditional idioms. We want to show the double reed world as it exists today with all of its diversity and accomplishment.

Contact the Conference Office

International Double Reed Society Conference
Arizona State University
Box 870405
Tempe AZ 85287-0405

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TEL/FAX 602/727.6661
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Registration Costs
Members $150   Nonmembers $200
IDRS Student members $85   Student nonmembers $120
Member's family $50   Nonmember's family $75

Daily rate: $50

Member's registrations postmarked after May 1 will be charged at the nonmember rates.

A special invitation to Junior High and High School students!
Experience your first IDRS conference at a very special rate: only $25 for two days, or $60 for the whole conference! You must include a letter from your school music teacher with your registration.

Make checks payable to ASU School of Music. Visa and Master Card are also accepted.

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Travel and Housing

Camelback Odyssey Travel supports IDRS '98 with contributions based upon the number of participants booking with Marlene Rausch. Two major air carriers offer discount rates to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Hotel rates from $56 to $79 (single to quadruple occupancy) are available with her assistance. Marlene is also able to assist you in booking your travel plans for many nearby Arizona attractions. For more information, please call her at: 1-800/480.7947 or 602/473.2425 or email at

Dormitory accomodations are available at $100 for five nights single occupancy or $150 double occupancy. A cafeteria meal plan (dinner June 2 through dinner June 6) is available for $100.

A $100 meal plan is available that includes all meals from Tuesday dinner through Saturday dinner.


Dining, Shopping, and Sightseeing

Tempe offers a wide range of dining offering everything from haute cuisine to brew pubs and coffee houses, as well as shopping and recreational activities all within walking distance of the School of Music. Nearby local attractions include the Heard Museum with its unique collection of Native American art and artifacts, Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West and the Biltmore Hotel. For longer excursions, there are easy day trips to Carefree, the Superstition mountains, or the Indian ruins at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.

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  • Memorial tribute
    to Victor Bruns
  • William Dawson
  • Daniel Ross
  • Oboes of the World
  • William Waterhouse
  • Christopher Weait
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  • Michel Bettez
  • Sarah Burnett
  • Michael Burns
  • Stefano Canuti
  • Mike Curtis
  • William Davis
  • Will Dietz
  • Bill Douglas
  • Aloysio Fagerlande
  • Larry Gardner
  • Arthur Grossman
  • Linda Harwell
  • John Heard
  • Patricia Holland
  • Ron Klimko
  • Charles Lipp
  • Jeffrey Lyman
  • Janice McKay
  • James Mendenhall
  • Andrea Merenzon
  • John Miller
  • Richard Moore
  • Frank Morelli
  • Steve Paulson
  • Carl Rath
  • Robert Rønnes
  • George Sakakeeny
  • Peter Simpson
  • Kathryn Sleeper


  • Doug Spaniol
  • Barrick Stees
  • John Steinmetz
  • Kim Walker
  • William Waterhouse
  • Christopher Weait
  • Abe Weiss
  • Kristen Wolfe-Jensen
  • Jethro Woodson
  • Brian Young


  • Monica Fucci
  • Susan Nigro
  • Henry Skolnick

    English Horn

  • Patrick McFarland
  • Harold Smoliar
  • Carolyn Hove


  • Cynthia DeAlmeida
  • Amy Anderson
  • William Banovetz
  • John Bentley
  • Tom Boyd
  • Sandro Caldini
  • Lawrence Cherney


  • Nancy Clauter
  • Donna Conaty
  • Peter Cooper
  • Nicholas Daniel
  • Henry Grabb
  • Gordon Hunt
  • Nancy Ambrose King
  • Alex Klein
  • Antoine Lazennec
  • John Mack
  • William McMullen
  • Annalisa Morton
  • Rebecca Nagel
  • Howard Niblock
  • Oscar Petty
  • Richard Rath
  • Fabio Rizzi
  • Ronald Roseman
  • Nancy Rumbel
  • Brenda Schuman-Post
  • Martin Schuring
  • John Snow
  • Robert Stephenson
  • Jacques Tys
  • Kevin Vigneau
  • Allan Vogel
  • Alpha Hockett Walker
  • David Weiss
  • Marilyn Zupnik
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  • Against the Grain
  • ASU Woodwind Quintet
  • Corvus
  • Ensemble Buenos Aires Festival
  • Grupo Onkora
  • Idaho Trio
  • International
    Bassoon Quartet
  • Mariah Wind Trio
  • New Mexico Woodwinds
  • Oboe Madness
  • Phoenetix Trio
  • Quintessence
  • Sinfonia de Ventos
  • 2/3 Trigger
  • Ramey Trio
  • Rein-Venti da Camera
  • La Sociedad de los 5 Vientos
  • Windermere Trio
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Venues and Facilities

ASU Music Building  
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