EcoCAR 3: During the four-year program (2014-2018), EcoCAR 3 teams will follow the EcoCAR Vehicle Development Process (EVDP), which aligns with General Motors’ vehicle development process and establish a plan for research and development, analysis, and validation of the EcoCAR 3 vehicle design. EcoCAR 3 teams will be challenged to make innovations in many vehicle technology areas, including: Energy Storage System design and integration; hardware and software-in-the-loop testing; center stack development; powertrain component bench testing; use of vehicle modeling and simulation tools; improving aerodynamics.

Technical Goals: The Camaro is a thrill behind the wheel, and now the EcoCAR students are in the driver’s seat. They have four years to design and integrate vehicle powertrains and alternative fuels, that when compared to the production Camaro, will further: reduce energy consumption; reduce well-to-wheel GHG emissions; reduce criteria tailpipe emissions; maintain consumer acceptability in the areas of performance, utility, and safety; meet energy and environmental goals, while considering cost and innovation.