CSE 591: Human-aware Robotics

Class: CAVC 359, Tue/Thu, 9:00--10:15 AM

Office Hours: BYENG 558, Tue/Thu, 10:30--11:30AM

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Last updated: Oct. 4, 2016

Date Topics Lecture Notes
Reading/Project Assignments Deadlines Important Dates
Thu. 8/18 Course introduction.

Lecture Slides (Aug. 18)

Tue. 8/23 Visually Interpreting Human Actions for Intelligent Agent
Invited Speaker: Yezhou Yang

Lecture Slides (Aug. 23)

Thu. 8/25 Robot Perception of Humans

Lecture Slides (Aug. 25)

1. ROS tutorial

2. Paper Assignment Doc (Perception of Humans) (Due before class on 8/30)

3. Mid-term Project Assignment Doc

1. Team assignment (Due Sep. 6, 5PM)

2. Mid-term project proposal (Due Sep. 16, 5PM)
Tue. 8/30 Activity Recognition

Lecture Slides (Aug. 30)

Thu. 9/1 Human-robot Communication

Lecture Slides (Sep. 1)

Tue. 9/6 Student Presentation (Perception of Humans) (1)

Paper Assignment Doc (Human-robot Interface) (Due before class on 9/15)

Thu. 9/8 Student Presentation (Perception of Humans) (2)
Tue. 9/13 Natural Language Processing

Lecture Slides (Sep. 13)

NLP overview

Thu. 9/15 Gesture Recognition and Learning from Demonstration

Lecture Slides (Sep. 15)

Tue. 9/20 Human Modeling

Lecture Slides (Sep. 20)

Thu. 9/22 Goal and Plan Recognition

Lecture Slides (Sep. 22)

Tue. 9/27 Student Presentation (Human-robot Interface) (1)
Thu. 9/29 Student Presentation (Human-robot Interface) (2)

Fast-Forward (FF) Planner

Java FF Planner

1. Mid-term Project Demo
Due Oct. 13 (in class)

2. Mid-term Project Presentation
Due Oct. 18/20 (in class)
Tue. 10/04 Goal and Plan Recognition II

Lecture Slides (Oct. 4)

Thu. 10/06 Behavior and Preference Modeling

Lecture Slides (Oct. 6)

Paper Assignment Doc (Human Modeling) (Due on 10/14)

Tue. 10/11 No class. Fall Break.
Thu. 10/13 Mid-term Project Demo (check back for video links)
Tue. 10/18 Mid-term Project Presentation (1) Mid-term Project Report (Due Oct. 31)

Thu. 10/20 Mid-term Project Presentation (2)
Tue. 10/25 Student Presentation (Human Modeling) (1)
Thu. 10/27 Student Presentation (Human Modeling) (2)
Tue. 11/01 Behavior Modeling and Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Lecture Slides (Nov. 1)

Thu. 11/03 POMDP and Proactive Assistance

Lecture Slides (Nov. 3)

Paper Assignment Doc (Decision Making) (Due on 11/08)

Tue. 11/08 Human-aware Decision Making

Lecture Slides (Nov. 8)

Thu. 11/10 Human-aware Decision Making II

Lecture Slides (Nov. 10)

Tue. 11/15 Student Presentation (Decision Making) (1)
Thu. 11/17 Student Presentation (Decision Making) (2)
Tue. 11/22 Final Project Demo
Thu. 11/24 No class. Thanksgiving.
Tue. 11/29 Final Project Presentation (I)
Thu. 12/1 Final Project Presentation (II)