A Community Poem

          Here are the submission guidelines and some suggestions for successfully getting your work included in this project.

Submit a typed or clearly printed line of poetry about Matthew Shepard to:

          The "Matthew Shepard" box at any branch of the
          Phoenix Public Library.

          Or, online, to:  rengaproject@yahoo.com

Write "Matthew Shepard Renga" at the top or beginning of your submission. 

You may submit up to five (5) lines.

Include your name and contact information. 

Submission constitutes your permission to print your work, with appropriate credit given to you.

Deadline is: November 1, 2003.


· Remember, you are writing one line, not the whole poem.  Don't try to say everything--instead, try to say something.
· Lean toward imagery rather than statement.
· Pick something specific to focus on.
· Think about distillation.
· Maybe begin your line with something like this:

     Matthew Shepard, whose hair was …
     Matthew Shepard, whose shirt was…
     Matthew Shepard, whose heart was…
     Matthew Shepard, whose muscles were…
     Matthew Shepard, whose mother was …
     Matthew Shepard, whose thoughts were…

Good luck, and thank you for participating!

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