A Community Poem

          The Guest Editor and developer for this project will be Alberto Ríos, finalist for the 2002 National Book Award in Poetry.  Mr. Ríos will collect all the submissions, select from them, and by positioning and slight editing will find the lines that best link together into a single, whole poem that will reflect the spirit of this project. 

The poem will then be printed in fine letterpress in a limited edition broadside by the Arizona Javelina Press.

The first broadside print will be mounted and exhibited as part of the forthcoming "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, 1933-1945" exhibit..  A second broadside print will be archived as part of the permanent holdings of the Phoenix Public Library.  Broadsides  will be distributed to each of the branch libraries. 

Those whose lines were selected will have their names printed on the broadside and will each receive a copy.  If the results warrant and the presentation is feasible, a separate display of all entries will be mounted.

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