A pdf version of this schedule is available in the syllabus. 

                    Fall 2007 Lab Schedule

                  Labs Meet Monday to Thursday
                      with one exception

                     Labs Meet in PSH-365
                      with one exception

   To find your TA please see Fall 2007 Lab Sections.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When printing the labs, to get the graph paper
to print properly, you will need to manually set the resolution
on the Print Screen of your Acrobat Reader.  When the Acrobat 
Print Screen is open, select Properties, then set the Resolution
at 1200 DPI.  Thanks much.  GBA

   Dates            Experiment                   Room
 8/20-8/23          No Lab
 8/27-8/30          Motion                       H365
  9/3-9/6           No Lab
 9/10-9/13          Free Fall                    H365
 9/17-9/20          Newton's Second Law          H366<== different
 9/24-9/27          Uniform Circular Motion      H365      room
 10/1-10/4          Energy Conservation          H365
 10/8-10/11         Absolute Zero                H365
10/15-10/18         Standing Waves               H365
10/22-10/25         Speed of Sound               H365
10/29-11/1          Ohm's Law                    H365
 11/5-11/8          Magnetic Fields              H365
11/13-11/19         Nuclear Energy               H365<== Tue-Mon
11/20-11/22         No Lab
11/26-11/29         Lab Final                    H365

If you still have trouble printing the graph paper in
the files above, here is a link to a more easily
printable pdf graph paper sheet. Thanks. GBA