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April 8th
Marilyn Cohen, CEO
Envision Capital Management
Let the Bond Autopsy Begin
Attendance: 114

March 11th
Dr. Joyce Morningstar, Senior Wealth Manager
Dynamic Wealth Advisors
Navigating a World in Transition - Challenges and Opportunities
Attendance: 75


February 4th
Mike Turner, President and Portfolio Manager
Turner Capital Management
Riding Bulls and Killing Bears
Attendance: 109
January 14th
Janet Brown, President and Managing Editor
FundX (DAL) Investment Group and NoLoad FundX
How to Make Money and Make a Difference
Attendance: 78
December 3rd       
Fred Richards, President and Editor
Adrich Corporation and Strategic Investing
There is Always Opportunity!
Attendance: 95
November 5th   
Colin C. Grover, Director of Advisory Services & Strategy
Anthony R. Watson, Director of Oversees Portfolio Management & Trading Operations
Portfolio Solutions                   
Charting your own course toward your financial goals: Navigating the marketplace for Financial Advice and the case for a Passive Investment Management approach
Attendance: 94
October 15th       
Scott Juds, Founder and President
Sum Growth Strategies
Part I - True Sector Rotation Made Simple and Practical
Part II - Addressing the Seven Faces of Risk

Attendance: 95

April 9th
Jim Gentrup, Portfolio Manager
Val Vesta Capital Management
Lessons from a Veteran Small-Cap Portfolio Manager
Attendance: 70
March 5th
Wayne Connors, Founder,
The Simplest Way to Increase your Portfolio’s Performance
Attendance: 113
February 6th
Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance      
7 Keys to a Successful Retirement Plan
Attendance: 147
January 2nd
Brian Nelson, President       
Equity Research, Valuentum Securities
Value-Focused Momentum-Based Dividend Growth Investing
Attendance: 96
December 12th
Alan Synder, Founder and Managing Partner, Shinnecock Partners
The Uberization of Finance: Investing in Non-Bank Banks
Attendance: 76
November 21st
Nancy Tengler
Financial I.Q. Training Services                   
Stocks to Own for a Lifetime, develop an investment discipline informed by facts.
Attendance: 102
October 10th
Paul Deloughery, Senior Attorney
Magellan Law
Introduction to Creating a Family Dynasty
Attendance: 66
April 11
Alan Willenbrock, Director, Greater Arizona Development Authority
Senior Portfolio Manager - Morgan Stanley
Municipal Bonds
Attendance: 88
Arrow March 7           
Charles Rotblut, Journal Editor
American Association of Individual Investors
Smart Investing: Seeking Reward While Reducing Risk
Attendance: 147
February 7
Jackie Ann Patterson and Nicholas Atkeson, Delta Investment Management
Simple, Robust Methods to Grow and Protect Your Portfolio.
Attendance: 121
Arrow January 10               
Dr. Alan Ellman, President
The Blue Collar Investor Corp.
Covered Call Writing to Generate Monthly Cash Flow
Attendance: 120
Arrow December 13
Elliott Gue, Founder and Chief Editor
Capitalist Times, Energy and Income Advisor
America’s Energy Renaissance: Top Plays for Income and Growth
Attendance: 122
November 1           
Allan Zee, Founder and Managing Director
Argeus Benefits Group       
Your Health Care and the Affordable Care Act
Attendance: 65
Arrow October 11
Kathryn Spica, Senior Fund Analyst, Fund of Funds Research
Investment Research, Morningstar       
Closing the Investor Return Gap
Attendance: 82

2013/14 Season Past Meetings

April 5
Russ Wiles, Financial Columnist
Arizona Republic
Financial Literacy and the Rich-Poor Gap
Attendance: 81
March 8
Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance,
Strategies for Pursuing your Retirement Check
Attendance: 132
February 8
John Graves, Editor
The Retirement Journal
Fracking, America's Alternative Energy Revolution
Attendance: 87
January 11
David Johnson, Chief Portfolio Manager
Global Capital Group
Lessons Learned from Harvard and Yale Endowments: Using Managed Futures for Portfolio Diversification
Attendance: 111
December 7
Don Scher, President
Donald Scher and Associates
Do You Have a Life Plan?
Attendance: 93
November 2
Sheldon Jacobs, Founder
The No-Load Investor
How to get the Highest Returns with the Least Effort
Attendance: 113
October 5
Nicholas Atkeson, Founder, Delta Investment Management
Tactical Investing
Attendance: NA

2012/13 Season Past Meetings

arrow April 13
How Money Supply, Taxes and Regulation Impact the Stock Market and Prosperity
Simon Reeves, Wealth Manager, Tide Rock Financial
Attendance: 88

arrow March 9
Getting Back on Track
Jason Browne, Chief Investment Officer, FundX Investment Group/NoLoad FundX
Attendance: 96 
arrow February 9
Profit from a Changing World
Robert Hsu, President, Absolute Return Capital Investors
Attendance: 123
arrow January 12
All I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
Paul Townsend, Associate Vice-President –Investment Officer 
Wells Fargo Advisors, East Lansing Michigan Office
Attendance: 111
arrow December 8
Currencies:  Diversion and Downside Protection
Kieran Osborne, Director of Research, Merk Investments
Attendance: 83
arrow Nov 10th
Are You Ready for Another Lost Decade?
Tom Kopas, Portfolio Manager at Pring Turner Capital Group
Attendance: 111
arrow October 13
Looking at Markets
Fred Richards, President, Strategic Investing
Attendance: 88

2011/12 Season Past Meetings
arrow April 14
Using IBD to Maximize Your Profits
Ed Raimirez, IBD Educational Specialist, Investor's Business Daily
Attendance: 100
arrow March 10
The Art of Profitable Income Investing
Kenneth Winans, President, Winans International
Attendance: 100
arrow February 11
Morningstar's Best Ideas for 2012 and Beyond
Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar
Attendance: 153
arrow January 14
Deciphering Annuities and Other Insurance Based Products
Joyce Morningstar, Senior Wealth Manager, Dynamic Wealth Advisors
Attendance: 92
arrow December 10
Untethered Bond Investing
Marilyn Cohen, Envision Capital Management
Attendance: 95
arrow November 5
Long-Term Care Planning: A Look at Trends, Options and Decision-Making
Adero Allison, PhD.D., Founder, Transitioning Adults plus
Attendance: 57
arrow October 15
Master Limited Partnerships
Mary Lyman, Executive Director, National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships

2010/11 Season Past Meetings

Comments on some previous meetings..
arrow April 16
Fixed Income Investing
Alan F. Willenbrock, Director of Arizona Municipal Bond Authority
Attendance: 60
arrow March 12
Diversifying with Negatively Correlated Investment Strategies
Ryan Deming, Monterosso Investments
Attendance: 76
arrow February 12
Quarterly Market Review
Ealing Jahn,Vice President & Regional Planning Manager, Fidelity Investments
Attendance: 81
arrow January 8
Is the U.S. the next Japan?
Reid Dubuque, Senior VP, Astor Capital Management
Attendance: 64
arrow December 11
Health Care Reform and Medicare: What You Need to Know
Allan Zee, Founder and Managing Director, Argeus Benefits Group
Attendance: 83
arrow November 13
History as an Investment Tool
Kenneth Winans, President, Winans International
Attendance: 119
arrow October 2
Seven Stock Selection Criteria for Success
Barry Zisken, Portfolio Manager, Z-7 Fund
Attendance: 84

2009/10 Season Past Meetings

arrow April 17
Investment Strategy in Volatile Markets
Carl Birkelbach, Chairman and CEO, Birkelbach Investment Securities
Attendance: 94
arrow March 13
How to Invest Now for Income Without Losing Your Principal
Don Cassidy, President, Retirement Investing Institute
Attendance: 157
arrow February 13
Estate Planning
Kevin Wick, Attorney, Davis Miles, PLLC
Attendance: 101
arrow January 9
Bond Investing in Our Crazy New World
Marilyn Cohen, President, Envision Capital Management
Attendance: 98
arrow December 12
How to Protect Your Assets from an Attorney Like Me
Kevin Fine, Attorney, Davis Miles, PLLC
Attendance: 66
arrow October 10
How to Use China's Recovery to Recover Your Wealth
Robert Hsu, President, Absolute Return Funds
Attendance: 94
November 14
Discover Why Indexing Strategies Will Lag and How Stock-Picking Will Deliver Excess Portfolio Profits for the Next 2-5 Years
Paul Rabbitt, CEO Rabbitt Capital Management LLC; CEO/Editor, Rabbitt Analytics Ltd
Attendance: 90


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