Arthur J. Sabatini
Arthur J. Sabatini is an Associate Professor of Performance Studies and a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance Department at Arizona State University. He holds a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies, New York University. His courses include:  20th Century Theory, Avant-Grade and Experimental Performance, Verbal Art and Performance. He has published extensively on new music, performance, music, literature, and culture. His research focuses on language and performance contemporary performance, art and aesthetic research. He is a performer, as AJ Sabatini, who works with The Cathedral project at:              and  http://www.pitchweb.net
                                                                                    2011-2012 ACTIVITIES & PROJECTS
                                                                    CONFERENCE PAPERS & Lectures, Panels
2011 	“Museums and New Aesthetic Practices.” Museums & Social Issues. 6:1: Spring, 2011. 71 79.
2011	 “Orpheus and Eurydice in Performance in the 21st Century.” 2nd Annual International 
                        Aksit Gorturk Conference: “Myths Revisited.” Istanbul, Turkey
2012	“Jewish Themes in American Avant-Garde Theater.”  Jewish Studies Center, Dickinson College,
	“Questions by, for and about Robert Ashley.”  Sonic Arts Unions Music Series, 
International House, Philadelphia, PA.
	“How To Get Started at Symphony Space: Live Performances with PEN Writers.”  NYC,
Interviewer, Moderator. 
2012	"Fred Ho’s Operatic Journey" in Yellow Power! Essays on Fred Ho. Eds. Tamara Roberts, 
		Roger Buckley. University of Illinois Press.  (forthcoming)
2012 	More on Broad Street Review;; Carlos Fuentes as I remember him
2012	“The Voice” (Narrator in The City Wears A Slouch Hat by John Cage and Kennth Patchen. CageFest 2012.  Desert Botanical Gardens, AZ. And AsU West CageFest
2011	Reading Romulous Francheschini’s “Trying to Get It Together:  A Composer’s Life in
 Philadelphia.” Romulous Francheschini Memorial Events by Relâche.

2011-12  THE WALKINGS: A multi-media installation, Part Three of Certain Explanations: Magical Walking
	and Who Walks.
                                                                      2010-2011 PROJECTS
Slought Foundation (In Philadelphia) and The Cage Trust ( opened a permanent interactive installation of work by John Cage, titled How to Get Started, in November, 2009.  The installation is in tandem with a CD release of John Cage's single performance of How to Get Started in 1989, which includes essays by co-curators, Laura Kuhn, Aaron Levy, Arthur J. Sabatini. The installation was designed by Ken Saylor of Saylor+Sirola; Sound Design by Peter Price; Exhibition Graphic Design by Project Projects. A website provides performances of How to Get Started recorded at Slought Foundation. 

                -  Who Walks, multi-media dance and theater collaborative performance. .
                        Conceived and  written  by AJ Sabatini with <fidget>: Peter Price, Sound and Music  
                            & Megan Bridge, choreography and dance. Robert Kilman, video

                -  ACADEMIC PROJECTS: Co-Chair and Presenter ASTR Annual Conference, Seattle 
                                November, 2010.  Session:  Staying Power:  Mabou Mines after Forty Years.  
                                Paper: “Mabou Mines’ Stages of Mind”

                -  CURATOR:  The Bowler Hat Project & The Bowler Hat Event, ASU Gallery West.

                -  REVIEWER:  at The Broad Street Review
                (writings: “on Gluck's Orphée et Eurydice,” “Singing Neanderthals,” 
                    “Dreams and Inception,” “Vaclev Havel's  Leaving” and more)
      Of Note:
- Essay on Avital Ronnel’s book, The Test Drive and its relation to performance theory.

-  A one person play performed in Phoenix and Charleston, S.C. About the production in Phoenix at                    
- Reviews of plays and other writing  Philadelphia’s Broad Street Review at 
and Phoenix Hearsight