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The Kopprasch Zone

Free PDF music and exercises

The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book, Volume I

The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book, Volume II

The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book, Volume III

Low Horn Kopprasch -- Edited by Josef Schantl from Vol. IV of the Horn-Schule

10 Grand Concert Studies from the Complete Method of Oscar Franz

11 Etudes by Gallay Edited by Josef Schantl from Vol. IV of the

12 Etudes by Gallay from the Grand Method for the French Horn

12 Grand Studies by Belloli, Gallay, and Gugel from the Otto Langey
Tutor for French Horn

29 Etudes from the Complete Method of Oscar Franz

14 Duets by Gallay from the
Grand Method for the French Horn

15 Duets from the Otto Langey
Tutor for French Horn

31 Duets from the
Horn-Schule of Henri Kling

NOTE: The above PDF publications are offered for download at no cost. They may be printed and freely distributed. However, they are copyrighted by John Ericson; these editions may not be sold or published, and may not be included in any collection of teaching materials or book without express permission. I would also request that you not post them on another website for download. The above files, articles about these files, and many more free PDF horn music downloads may also be accessed from the Horn Matters PDF library.

Studio materials

Horn Solo Works
My list of the most important and frequently performed solo works and soloistic chamber works in our repertoire, works every advanced horn student or serious enthusiast should get to know.

Horn Etudes and Methods
A very brief survey--my favorites in the studio.

Horn Study Lists
This PDF document contains suggested works for basic and intermediate college level horn study and is based on a survey of audition lists for undergraduate and graduate horn study at top level music schools. The goals of this list and the following list are to develop horn performance skills in a logical manner and to become very familiar with our best literature.

Horn Excerpt Checklist
This PDF document follows the above and is a longer list of orchestral excerpts based on a survey of ICSOM orchestra audition lists. It is designed for advanced and ultimate level college horn study. The serious performance student should know everything on the left side of this list very well, and really all of them should at the least be required listening for any horn enthusiast.

Excerpt Books
Get the parts! But get a couple of the best excerpt books too, they are a great way to get started in excerpt study.

Common French and German Musical Terms
Don't just guess at what important musical terms mean! This list focuses on the terms seen most commonly in solo literature but with good coverage of terms seen frequently in orchestral playing. Print a copy and keep it in your music folder!

Selected Horn Pedagogy Resources
A few of my favorite resources; these should be in the library of the most advanced and serious horn students and enthuiasts.

Materials we use often at ASU--

The Low Horn Boot Camp, second editionLow Horn Boot Camp

A volume of effective materials for initial low horn study, this expanded second edition includes text on low range development and a special edition of the classic Bordogni Vocalises. This version is based on a 19th century vocal edition by Ferdinand Gumbert, presented in low treble clef and low bass clef. The low bass clef version is a fourth lower than that widely used on the trombone, with the low treble clef version providing a logical stepping stone toward developing the lowest range of the horn.

Available from Horn Notes Edition | Print version -- Kindle version

The French Horn Warmup Collection

The topic of warming up needs little introduction; hornists who wish to excel should plan to warm up every time they get the horn out of the case to play. This practical and effective collection brings together the warmup materials and technical exercises presented in four recent publications -- Introducing the Horn, A Mello Catechism, The Low Horn Boot Camp, and Playing Descant and Triple Horns -- with additional exercises designed for the improvement of breathing and intonation

Print version -- Kindle Version

Bonus articles

Placing Pitch "in the Pocket"
Working on tone and intonation? Read these notes on pitch placement and much more. Published in The Horn Call.

Use of the Assistant First Horn
Not there to play the boring stuff! With notes on assisting in a band setting as well. Published in The Horn Call, UPDATED 2012

How Bells are Cutmutes
"Don't try this at home."

Suggested Horns, Mouthpieces, and Mutes
My favorites within the price range of students and amateurs; one of the most popular articles in Horn Articles Online.

Understanding Stopped and Muted Horn and Right Hand Position
Answers to the mystery and magic of stopped horn and much more.

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