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Owner: Carl Wood
Email: country@davenport-wa.com
URL: www.davenport-wa.com/country/willys/willys.html
Location: Washington
Year: 1956
Engine: L6-226

These are pictures of my 1956 Willys Jeep. I bought two Willys Jeeps, a 56 and a 61. I am currently restoring it a little at a time. Right now it is road worthy. There is no major body rot or dents. It keeps me busy. When I originally brought them home I was told that the engine in this, the 56 needed a timing chain. I got the chain and put it in, but never got it running. I put the engine from the 61 in and ran it till just last month. It developed a knock from the lower bearings being warn. I finally was able to get the timing chain in correctly from the help of a gentleman that has owned a 54 since new! He had a 56 service manual, like a Chiltons but different. Anyway the 56 now has it's original engine back in and is running like a top!

1956 Pickup 4x4 226 Super Huricane Flat 6 - Body is in good shape, mechnical, engine is strong, as is everything else. Lots of rattles, and some cracks on the fender's but doing ok.


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