About the Willys Gallery
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Navigating the Gallery: The banner at the top of this page is common to all Willys Gallery pages. Click on one of the numbers above to see an index page of thumbnail images. From an index page, click on one of the postage stamp sized images to see a page of larger images. Clicking on the words "Willys Gallery" in the banner of any gallery page brings you back here.

Purpose of the Gallery: The Willys Gallery was created as a place to share your enthusiasm for your Willys Jeep Utility vehicle (pickup truck, wagon, Jeepster). I began collecting pictures in the summer of 1997. It certainly has grown since then! If I have included a picture of your Willys, thanks for sharing. If you have a Willys but aren't here yet, send me some images and any description you'd like to attach. If you don't have access to a scanner or digital camera, send me a note and we'll arrange for you to send a photo through the US Mail, so I can scan it. In other words, if you want your Willys in the Gallery, we can find a way to get it here.

All Willys Jeep Utility Vehicles are welcome! As you can see, I accept pictures of Willys Utility vehicles in any condition, rusting hulks to show vehicles. Don't feel like you have to have it "finished" before putting it in the Gallery.

Suggestions: The Gallery contains pictures of a wide variety of Willys vehicles. It is not only fun to see everyone's pride 'n joy, but the diversity is beginning to be useful in comparing the details of different years and models. Toward making the Gallery more than just a picture book, please consider including some close-ups of details of your Willys. This helps people who are trying to identify a Willys of unknown vintage, and also people who are trying to determine which parts of their vehicle are stock, and which are not. Also, take pictures of repairs you are doing and describe them for the rest of us. Thanks for all the images.

Image formats: Web pages use GIF and JPEG formats for images. JPEG is better for photographic images. It can automatically compress the files with minor clarity loss but retains excellent color and shading. Choose low to medium compression (also called medium to high quality in some software) if you don't want to lose too much clarity. I suggest a size of 640x480 pixels (or something close to that). Smaller images don't show the full beauty of your Willys and larger pictures can't be viewed on everyone's monitor without scrolling. IF you would like to send me higher resolution pictures, please feel free to do so. I have a few larger format pictures in the Gallery, but be aware that I may reduce the size at my discretion, in light of space limitations. GIF is better for drawings or pictures with limited color. If all you've got is a GIF, TIFF, PhotoShop, BMP, or PICT format, send them and I'll convert them.

   - Rick

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