About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Jeff Townsend
Location: Polk City, Iowa
Year: 1955
Engine: L6-226
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18 w/ Saturn Overdrive
Axles: 4.88

Here is a 55 wagon that belongs to one of my friends. We just installed an overdrive but somehow allowed one of the synchro rings to slip out of place during the installation (they have a warning about this but we didn't have the 1/4"gap when we installed the unit). I guess that explains the temperature problem.[It ran hot!] Somehow we could still shift the overdrive but the throw was minimal(they(AA) have a revised manual that also has a warning about shift throw distance). ... It's completely stock with a 226 engine, 4.88 gears, T-90 etc. hopefully with a functional overdrive soon....


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