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Owner: Judy Loving (a.k.a. Hamlett Pigg)
Location: New Mexiso
Year: 1955
Engine: Chevy 292
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

May 1, 1999

Hi Rick,

Here's a picture of how my '55 wagon looked as it rolled off the trailer. It was originally a metallic blue-green (not the lime green on the dash), and some of it still shows through the red-and-white mess. Except for the Chevy 292, the over-sprung rear springs, and the fat tires, it's pretty much all stock.

Since someone was looking for pictures of the dash in a Willys, I put it in here.


January 22, 2001

Hi Rick,

Since I have too many trucks and not near enough time/money/tools/knowledge to fix them all up, I'm going to sell the ones that need the most work, and yes it means my wagon....

I figure I will eventually miss my wagon too much, so I plan to keep my eyes open for one someday that is already running and in decent shape. One I can drive home and enjoy.

     Judy Loving P

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