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Don't you wish you could get this one! Sorry, it has already been restored by Scott.

Owner: Scott Little
Email: slittle@tkwb.com
URL: sites.netscape.net/jeeptrucks/homepage
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Year: 1955

I put seat belts in my '55 pickup, along with a new seat (there was no seat when I bought it).

The bench seat came out of a Dodge Dakota, it fits real good in every direction, the only problem was getting it mounted. I had to make my own mounting brackets because the front legs of the seat stuck out beyond the seat platform. The back folds forward and there is room for storage behind it. It does not interfere with the shifters either.

For seat belts I took the lap/shoulder and middle lap belt from an Isuzu Pickup. It's a little snug with three in the cab but my wife, daughter and I each have a seat belt.


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