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Owner: Rodger and Tammy Baker
Email: lapiz@gte.net
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Year: 1955
Engine: Chevy 305
Transmission: T-90

I've only had my wagon for about two weeks so far, so I'm still learning just about everything about it. Most of what I know about Willys in general I've learned off of your site, Willys America, and West Coast Willys. And to top it off, I'm in no way, shape or form, any kind of motorhead. So this is going to be a learning experience for me.

I live in Ridgecrest CA, way out in the Mojave high desert area. Found the wagon in the classifieds in the Bakersfield paper. Looked at it one night, and bought it the next. Couldn't let it get away! Wasn't really aware that Willys made anything but Jeeps (like I said, I'm just learning). Paid $2000 for it, but it and the engine need a lot of work.

Its got a Chevy V-8 305 in it, and is leaking oil like a seive. Blown timing cover gasket. Its got a Spicer transmition in it, but I have no idea what kind, or how to go about finding out. Don't know where to look on the axles to see what kind they are. Plus with the oil leak right up front, the whole undercarriage is caked pretty thick. At one time, it was attempted to turn it into a hot rod, with the new engine, headers, glass packs, and a stereo (just like you described on your site). And I have a feeling that the gears have been altered, because I can get up to 65 or 70 on the highway. But with the exhaust and transmition noise, you can't hear yourself think when you are moving.


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