Active Research Projects
Past Research Projects
  • NSF-1704092: Big Data Enabled Wireless Networking: A Deep Learning Approach
  • NSF-1461886: BDD: Disaster Preparation and Response via Big Data Analysis and Robust Networking
  • NSF-1421685: Unleashing Spectrum Effectively and Willingly: Optimization and Incentives
  • NSF-1457262: Collaborative Research: WiFiUS: Heterogeneous Resource Allocation for Hierarchical Software-Defined Radio Access Networks at the Edge
  • NSF-1217611: A Green and Incentive Platform for Mobile Phone Sensing
  • NSF-1115129: Cross Layer Survivability to Cascading Failures in Layered Networks
  • NSF-0901451: Improving Coverage and Connectivity in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks through Relay, Cooperation, and Mobility