Hasan Davulcu

Hasan Davulcu

CASCADE, Co-Director

School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Arizona State University

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Office: BY 564
Phone: (480) 965-6385 (office)
E-mail: hdavulcu aat asu,edu

CIPS-AI Research

Cognitive Information Processing Systems (CIPS-AI) Lab's research focuses on developing novel data mining techniques and tools for structuring and organizing unstructured sources such as text, Web and social network data into semantic machine processable information. Such representations enable creation of conceptual maps to allow users to search and browse without information overload.

  • Sociocultural Modeling and Persuasive AI
  • Social Media and Web Mining
  • Information Extraction and Database Systems
  • Behavioral Analytics for Detecting Fraud

Internship Positions for ASU SCAI Students

magi.ai is a fun startup co-founded by ASU faculty focusing on social media analytics, computational persuasion and socio-cultural persuasive Ai. Magi is now hiring interns for following positions:

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CIDSE capstone students and courses are a great resource for you! Your employees can mentor our Capstone teams to create a working prototype.
The deadlines for Fall and Spring Capstone Project submissions are August 22nd and January 13th.
For more information about Capstones click here. You can submit a Capstone Project by clicking here.

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Socio-Cultural Modeling & Persuasive AI



  • Saud Al-Ashri (Ph.D), Asst. Professor, KACST
  • Sultan Alzahrani (Ph.D), Asst. Professor, KACST
  • Nyunsu Kim (Ph.D), American Express
  • Sukru Tikves, (Ph.D), Google
  • Sedat Gokalp, (Ph.D), Microsoft
  • S. Toufeeq Ahmed, (Ph.D), Asst. Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Betul Ceran (Ph.D), Asst. Professor, Yildirim Beyazit Universitesi
  • Srinivas Vadrevu, (Ph.D), Microsoft
  • Viet Hung Nguyen, (Ph.D) Gen. Director, Petro Vietnam
  • Hana Alostad, (Ph.D)
  • Fatih Gelgi, (Ph.D)
  • Ankur Soni, VMware (MS)
  • Deepthi Chidambaram, Amazon (M.S.)
  • Chintan Patel, Amazon (MS)
  • Naman Goel, Google (MS)
  • Saravanakumar Nagarajan, Microsoft (MS)
  • Indu Verma, Cisco Systems (MS)
  • Bharadhwaj Narayanan, Yahoo (MS)
  • Bhushan Pendharkar, Microsoft (MS)
  • Shreejay Nair, Recruiting.com (MS)
  • Sashi Gangaraju, ASU (MS)
  • Sai Denduluri, eBay (MS)
  • Pradeep (Sheela) Kanwar, Intel (MS)
  • Sumitha Poornachandran, Zynga (MS)
  • Sathishkumar Poornachandran, Recruiting.com (MS)
  • Radhika Nair, Salesforce.com (MS)
  • Sriram Subramanian, LinkedIn (MS)
  • Ruchi Bhindwale, StubHub (MS)
  • Dinu John, A9.com (MS)
  • Venkata Chaitanya Achanta, Cisco Systems (MS)

Current Students

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