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Web Quiz for Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

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1.      The author says that growing up she was a tomboy. How much do you think the character of Juli reflects her own experience?

2.      In the novel, Bryce and his friends can't figure out the differences between chickens, roosters and hens. Using the website, explain the differences in a short paragraph.

3.      The AAMR talks about the concept of "supports". Explain how this concept can be applied to the relationship Mr. Baker has with his brother.

4.      Read the section on Regular Repairs on the renter's website. How has the landlord for the Brown's home violated those facts and what should the family do?

5.      Many groups and organizations use bachelor auctions to raise money for their causes, but most of the time they are adults. Read about the American Cancer Society's auction and compare that to the auction in the book. Do you think that it is an appropriate fundraiser for eighth graders?

6.      After reviewing the information available on sycamore trees, consider the tree in the novel. Do you think it was over 100 years old? How do you think it got the scars?

7.      Juli did much the same protest as the woman in the article about cutting down her tree. What do you think the differences are in their protests? What did Juli gain from the experience?

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