Music School

Student Research - Historical

ASU doctoral students in music education have furthered women's band research by investigating and writing on topics found in my work. Now their original research, they are currently investigating or have written on the following women's bands: the Canadian WAC Bands, the Hormel Girls, the Women's Air Force Band, and the 14th Army Band.

Additionally, ASU doctoral students are researching and writing on the following historical topics: various aspects of curricular offerings of America's public normal schools; music education in the one-room school houses of Maryland; the history of the San Diego High School Alumni Choir; the history of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps; the history of the National Solo and Ensemble Contests; a biography of Lillian Williams--the first band and orchestra director of the Tempe Normal School.

Women's Air Force (WAF) Band
Dr. Jeananne Nichols

The Hormel Girls

Danelle Keck

Canadian Women's Army Corps
Brass Band and Pipe Band
Janet Cape
United States 14th Army Band (WAC)
Therese Kerbey
WAF on Stage
Dave Rickels
Carla Cose-Giallella