ECE 353 Civil Engineering Materials

Study the behavior of typical civil engineering materials such as steel, mineral aggregates, Portland cement concrete, asphalt concrete, and composites.  Discuss material selection, design, applications and engineering properties.  Provide laboratory experience on mechanical and physical properties. 

CEE 483 Highway Materials, Construction and Quality

This undergraduate / graduate level course presents practices and techniques used in constructing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements. The course is designed to provide engineering students exposure to many elements of the construction activities in order to aid in the analysis of solving construction problems. 

CEE 486 Integrated Civil Engineering Design

The course offered for graduating seniors in their final semester and requires the completion of a civil engineering design in a simulated practicing engineering environment . Several faculty participation and including a senior practicing engineer from the industry. Guest lectures by many engineers from the industry and governmental agencies. Students develop skills in handling practical design projects, developing final plans, conducting presentations, and technical report writing. 

CEE 498 Concrete Canoe Design

The seminar is offered for undergraduate students who are actively involved in the design and construction of the concrete canoe for the ASCE national competition. Students develop skills in hull design, mix design, testing, construction techniques, and writing a technical paper.  

CEE 512 Pavement Performance and Management

The course provides the necessary background information for pavement engineers to evaluate, identify and select a feasible maintenance option for existing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements. The course describes the basic components of a Pavement Management System (PMS) including: the need for condition surveys, performance models, prioritization analysis, and optimization. The course also discusses case studies, computer programs and geographical information system applications.    

CEE 513 Pavement Evaluation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation

This graduate level course focuses on providing pavement engineers with guidelines and methods to accomplish a complete pavement evaluation (HMA and PCC). This includes: pavement distress surveys,  nondestructive testing, roughness, surface friction, field sampling and testing, maintenance and rehabilitation treatments and life cycle cost analysis for the selection of the best rehabilitation alternative.

CEE 514 Bituminous Materials and Mixtures

The course presents practices and techniques used in the evaluation of bituminous materials and mixtures. The course is designed to provide graduate engineering students with in-depth knowledge in three areas: the properties and characterization behavior of asphalt binders, mixture design approaches and procedures, and state of the art advanced dynamic characterization tests being introduced in practice.     

CEE 416/516 Sustainable Materials and Energy Use

This undergraduate / graduate level course focuses on: understanding sustainability in engineering, urban energy needs and impacts, basic understanding of thermal properties and contribution to the urban environment (urban heat island) comfort level and energy use. Basic field tests are conducted to capture typical thermal properties of paved surfaces. Term papers are focused on identifying new technologies / materials that may positively impact the urban environment comfort level and energy use. 

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