Undergraduate Student Advising

Leslie A. Arriaga, FURI - Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative.

    Fall 2005 -  “Determining the Specific Heat Capacity and Thermal Conductivity of Paving Materials”

    Spring 2006  - “Cooler Pavements, Going Towards a Sustainable World” – won second prize.

Colin Laughlin, NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research, Spring 2011 – “Thermal Properties of Commonly Used Paving Materials”.

Isha Mehta, FURI - Fall 2011 and Spring 2012– “Rubber Modified Concrete Roof Tiles”

Amelia Celoza, FURI - Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 – “Characterization of Fiber Orientation and Distribution in Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete”

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Advising

Colin Laughlin, Spring 2012 – “Mechanical and Thermal Properties of  Concrete Mixtures with Copper Slag”.

Ryan Stevens, Spring 2012 – “Properties and Testing Methods for Pavement Striping Materials”.

Hannah Housenga, Spring 2015 – “Urban Heat Island Effect and Building Energy Consumption”.

Graduate Student Advising

M.S. – Thesis Option

1.      Joseph A. Phillips, M.S. (Fall 2002) Co-Chair Witczak – “Implementation of the 2002 Design Flexible Pavement Design Guide For Maricopa County”.

2.      Andres Sotil, M.S. (Spring 2003) Co-Chair Witczak – “Material Characterization of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures Using the Dynamic Modulus Test”.

3.      Goutham R. Lingannagari, M.S. (December 2003)  Co-Chair Mobasher – “ Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete Materials”,

4.      Mohammad Ul Quayum, M.S (May 2004) – “Investigations for Using the Repeated Load Permanent Deformation Test in a Design Criteria for Asphalt Mixtures”, Co-Chair Witczak

5.      Mohammad Ashraful Islam, M.S. (Fall 2005) – “Thermal Properties of Paving Materials”.

6.      Krishna Biligiri, M.S., (Fall 2005) – “Improved Method to Determine Tertiary Flow Value for Asphalt Mixtures”

7.      Joby Carlson, M.S. (Spring 2006) Co-Chair Golden. – “Quantifying the Diurnal Variability of Urban Surface Pavements in Hot Climate Region”.

8.      Mark Belshe, (Fall 2006). – “Impact of Asphalt Rubber – Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course Overlays on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements and Urban Heat Island Effect”.

9.      Atish Nadkarni (Spring 2008). – “Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures”.

10.  Rashmi Shankar (Fall 2008). –“Analysis of Arizona Long Term Flexible Pavement Performance Test Sections”.

11.  Smita Dwivedi (Spring 2009). – “Evaluation of Test Variability in Fiber-Reinforced Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Using Fiber Extraction”.

12.  Jordan Reed (December 2010). – “Evaluation of the Effects of Aging on Asphalt Rubber Pavements”.

13.  Bassam Ziadeh (Summer 2011) Co-Chair Patrick Phelan. – “Finite Element Analysis on the Effects of Elastomeric Inclusions for Abating Heat Transfer in Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns”. Derek Morris (Fall 2011). –“Development of Enhanced Cylindrical Specimen Thermal Conductivity Testing Procedure”.

14.  Abdulaziz Alossta (Fall 2011). – “Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Versus Conventional Hot Mix Asphalt for Field and Laboratory-Compacted Specimens”.

15.  Ashraf Alrajhi (Spring 2012). – “Fiber Dosage Effects in Asphalt Binders and Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures”.

16.  Tina Pourshams-Manzouri, Co-Chair Zhihua Wang (Spring 2013), “Pavement Temperature Effects on Overall Urban Heat Island”.

17.  Ruben Lolly (Spring 2013), “Evaluation of Short Term Aging Effect of Hot Mix Asphalt Due to Elevated Temperatures and Extended Aging Time”.

18.  Jose Medina (Spring 2014), “Properties of Activated Crumb Rubber Modified Binders”.

19.  Kan Wu (December 2015), “Development of PCI-based Pavement Performance Model for Management of Road Infrastructure System”.

20.  Talal Thwaini (Spring 2016), “Crumb Rubber Modified Crack Sealants to Improve Performance”.

21.  Michelle Beckley (Spring 2016), “Pavement Deterioration Modeling Using Historical Roughness Data”.

22.  Susan Chambers (Fall 2016), Co-Chair Mamlouk “Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal Operation: A Clinical Methodology for Field Conversion”.

MSE – Non Thesis Option

1.      Prashant Konareddy, (Spring 2003).

2.      Rama Sabat, (Spring 2006).

3.      Vinay Nair, (Spring 2004)

4.      Ryan Novotny, (Fall 2004)

5.      Maria Carolina Rodezno,  (Fall 2005).

6.      Yin-Tung Tan (Fall 2006)

7.      Kiran Mohanraj (Spring 2007).

8.      Sharon Jesu (Fall 2007).

9.      Carmen Castilleja (Spring 2011).

10.  Patrick Montgomery (Spring 2012)

11.  Sandra Thoms (Spring 2012)

12.  Jose Rodriguez (Fall 2012).

13.  David Ramsey (Fall  2012)

14.  Onyekachi Chiadikobi Abarikwu (Spring 2013)

15.  Rohit Ramesh (Spring 2013)

16.  Samuel Enmon (Fall 2013)

17.  Ashley Welton (Spring 2014)

18.  Erick Ponce (Spring 2014)

19.  Brenda Soto (December 2015)

20.  Shagun Jain (Spring 2016)

21.  Sarah Hariz (Summer 2016)

22.  Dana Alsader (Fall 2016)


1.      Andres Sotil, Ph.D. (Fall 2005), Co-Chair Witczak, “Use of the Dynamic Modulus Test as Permanent Deformation Performance Criteria for Asphalt Pavement Systems”

2.      Aleksander J. Zborowski, Ph.D. (Fall 2007). – “Development of a Modified Superpave Thermal Cracking Model for Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Based on the Fracture Energy Approach”.

3.      Krishna Biligiri, (Fall 2008). – “Asphalt Mixtures’ Properties Indicative of Tire/Pavement Noise”.

4.      Luiz De Mello (August 2008, degree awarded at the University of Brasilia, co-advised  with Prof. Marcio Muniz De Farias, University of Brasilia, Brazil, A Teoria do Dano em Meio Continuo no Estudo da Fadiga em Misturas Asfalticas)

5.      Maria Carolina Rodezno, (Spring 2010). –“Rutting Criteria for Asphalt Mixtures Based on Flow Number Analysis”.

6.      Waleed Zeiada (Summer 2012), Co-Chair Witczak, “Endurance Limit for HMA Based on Healing Phenomenon Using Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Analysis”.

7.      Jeff Stempihar (Spring 2013), “Development of the C* Fracture Test for Asphalt Concrete Mixtures”.

8.      Ali Fakih (Expected December 2016).

9.      Jose Medina (expected May 2017)

10.      Ramadan Salim, Co-Chair Underwood (expected December 2017)

11.      Hossein Noorvand Co-Chair Underwood (expected December 2018)

12.      Ashraf Alrajhi (expected December 2018)

Supervisory Committee:


1.      Joel Mean-Chew Chong, M.S. April 2002. Thesis “Using Geographic Information Systems for Wastewater Pipe Condition and Capacity Assessment”.

2.      Bevan William Sullivan, M.S. December 2002. Thesis “Development of Flow Number and Flow Time Candidate Simple Performance Test for Asphalt Mixtures”.

3.      Yow-Shi Ho, M.S. May 2003 Thesis “ The Development of Unique Traffic Units for the Arizona Highway Network”.

4.      Rimpal V. Shah, M.S. August 2003, “Economical Concrete Mix Designs for Highway Applications with A High Dosage of Flyash”.

5.      Scott E. Nodes, MSE May 2003.

6.      Patrick Miller, MSE August 2003.

7.      Mohammad Abojaradeh, Ph.D. December 2003. Dissertation “Development of Predictive Fatigue Models for Typical Arizona Asphalt Concrete Mixes”.

8.      Ali Erhan Oztemir, Ph.D. December 2003. Dissertation “Skill Driven Optimization of Construction Operations”. Del Webb School of Construction

9.      Nasreen Hassan, M.S. December 2003. Thesis “ Thermal Properties of Asphalt Mixtures”.

10.  Mohammed M. El-Basyouny, Ph.D. May 2004, Dissertation “Calibration and Validation of Flexible Pavement Distress Models for 2002 Design Guide”.

11.  Jitendra Pahilajani, M.S. August 2004, “ Fabric-Reinforced, Cement-Based Laminated Composites: an Experimental and Theoretical Study”.

12.  Jong-Suk Jung, Ph.D. December 2004, Dissertation “Analytical Procedures for Evaluating Factors that Affect PCC Pavements Performance”.

13.  Javed Bari, Ph.D., “Development of a new Revised Version of the Witczak E* Predictive Models for Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures”. December 2005.

14.  Sherif Massoud Ahmad El-Badawy, Ph.D. may 2006, “ Development of a Mechanistic Constitutive Model for the Repeated Load Permanent Deformation Behavior of Subgrade Pavement Materials”.

15.  Jorge Santamaria Carrera, M.S. May 2006, “Mechanical and Physical Properties of papercrete”.

16.  Joo Seng Gui, M.S. August 2006, “ Impact of Pavement Thickness and Thermophysical Properties on Surface Temperatures “. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

17.  Pramod Tipparaju, M.S. August 2006, “Application of Value Stream Mapping in Residential Construction”.  Del Webb School of Construction

18.  Rahul Bhardwaj, M.S., “An Urban Energy Balance for the Phoenix, Arizona , Metropolitan Area”. Summer 2007.

19.  Todd Phillip Otanicar, Ph.D. May 2009, “Direct Absorption Solar Thermal Collectors Utilizing Liquid-Nanoparticle Suspensions” Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

20.  Yan Yang, M.S., “Development of an Asymptotic Cost Bounded Experience Curve with Application to Silicon PV Modules”. Summer 2009.

21.  Tingting Ma, M.S., “Empirical Study of Simple Car-Following Model Validation and Freeway Lane-Changing Maneuver”. Summer 2009.

22.  Myung Goo Jeong, Ph.D., “Implementation a Simple Performance Test Procedure in a Hot Mix Asphalt Quality Assurance Program”. Summer 2010.

23.  Sarah Elia Ziems, M.S., “Stochastic Difference of Results in Traffic Microsimulation with Random Number Seed Variations”. December 2010.

24.  Bhargava Sana, M.S., “Child Dependency Models in an Activity-Based Microsimulation Framework”. December 2010.

25.  Carlos Carey, Ph.D. “Pore Water Pressure Response of a Soil Subjected to Traffic Loading Under Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions”. December 2011.

26.  Daniel Rosenbalm, “Reliability Associated with the Estimation of Soil Resilient Modulus at Different Hierarchical Levels of Pavement Design”. December 2011.

27.  Ramadan Salim, M.S., “The Effect of Environmental Location  and Ground Water Table Upon The Rutting Behavior of Asphalt Airfield Pavements”. December 2011.

28.  Mena Souliman, Ph.D. “Integrated Predictive Model for Healing and Fatigue Endurance Limit for Asphalt Concrete”. April 2012.

29.  Matild Dosa, M.S., “Relative Benefit of Chip Seal Application Based on Climatic Conditions and Initial Pavement Roughness”. April 2012.

30.  Karthik Konduri, “Integrated Model of the Urban Continuum with Dynamic Time-dependent Activity-Travel Microsimulation: Framework, Prototype, and Implementation”. April 2012.

31.  Jin Sung Cho, Ph.D., “Post-Installation Study of High Density Polyethylene Pipe Submerged in Saturated Silty Soils”. July 2012.

32.  Ryan Stevens, M.S., “Development of Paint Stripe Testing Protocol”. April 2014.

33.  Sarah Ellie Volosin, Ph.D., “A Study of University Student Travel Behavior”. Dec 2014

34.  Daehyun You, Ph.D., “ Modeling Impacts Through Advanced Traveler Information Systems in Integrated Model of the Urban Continuum”. Dec 2014

35.  Sanjay Paul, Ph.D., “Demographic Evolution Modeling System for Activity-Based Travel Behavior Analysis and Demand Forecasting”. May 2014.

36.  Srinivasa Srivatsav Kandala, Ph.D., “Analysis of Freeway Bottlenecks”. Dec 2014

37.  Akshay Gundla, M.S., “Use of Micromechanical Models to Study the Mastic Level Structure of Asphalt Concretes Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement”. Dec 2014.

38.  Paulina Reina, Ph.D.. “Empirical Analysis and Modeling of Freeway Merge Rations and Land Flow Distribution”. Spring 2015.

39.  Padmini Gudipudi, Ph.D., “Investigation and Improvement in Reliability of Asphalt Concrete Fatigue Modeling using Fine Aggregate Matrix Phase”. Spring 2016.

40.  Sathish Nagarajan, M.S., “Impact of Forecasted Freight Trends on Highway Pavement Infrastructure”. Spring 2016.

41.  Jiachuan Yang, Ph.D., “Urban Green Infrastructure: Modelling and Implications to Environmental Sustainability”. Fall 2016


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