Dear Arizonian Residents,

I would like to take this time to address all those who have come in contact with an immigrant. We have all run across and spoke with in our lifetime someone who was not born in the United States of America and they have decided, for whatever reason, to move to this nation in hopes of a better life. People from other countries look up to the US for support; they believe that we are one of the greatest countries in the world.

Once these people come here they bring more than themselves, they bring a piece of their culture that we do not have here already. We should thank them for that but we donít. Instead the most common response that immigrants give when asked about what they experience about the US is discrimination. Many Americans believe that they are superior in all aspects and do not want to learn from another culture. We can all learn from someone else.

Throughout this class we have read stories about other countries and cultures as well as read what some of these people went through before deciding on coming to the US.

We should learn to be more adaptable to other cultures and enjoy what they have to bring. When you meet someone from another country please take the time to understand what they went through. What you here might astound you. What I heard astounded me!!




Angelo Daniel Di Pasquale


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