My Family Object - Jeff

When asked about my heritage, my usual response is ½ Italian, ½ Swedish/Norwegian.  The Italian side of my family is quite easy to trace back through my fathers family who migrated to the US through Ellis Island at the turn of the century from Trabia Sicily.   My Grandfather S. was born to this immigrant and settled in a primarily Italian section of San Francisco, where he married another Italian woman by the surname of Tomaseo.

It’s that other fraction of heritage that has always given me grief.  My mother’s side of the family was always too complicated, having been in the US much longer and married through many different nationalities, it was too complicated to assimilate.   Well, this project inspired me to at least try.

The family object that I brought to class shows a “branch” of the family tree favored to me by my mother.  It demonstrates my Norway and Sweden ties.  An interesting fact that was discovered is that my Great x 3 Grandfather Andrew J. Smedberg (b. 1829) married in Sweden and migrated/settled in Hancock Township, MN.  Andrew served in the Civil War in Company B, Third Minnesota Infantry, was wounded and returned home to raise 10 children, one of which, my Great, Great Grandfather, Henry Smedberg.

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