Migrants in the City


For my city migrants report I decided to go to the southeast corner of Cave Creek and Bell Road.  I chose this location because it is where migrant workers gather to find work as day laborers.  This location has been made famous by the media because this is where the city built a gathering place for the workers in order to keep some sense of organization.  Supporters say it keeps people off of the parking lots and it gives the workers a place to find some shade while proponents say that it is a way of condoning illegal immigration.  I went by to see what it is like. 

            I showed up a bit late because I am not used to getting up at 5 am because I donít work in the construction industry anymore.  I have worked most of the jobs that these men do, I know how hard it is to get up early five or six days a week and work in the blistering sun for ten hours.  I looked around and noticed that some men where not taking part in the program that the city had built for them.  When I asked them why they do not participate in the program they said that they donít want to deal with the politics.  They also claimed that they donít want to sit and wait as other guys go to work while they sit around because they didnít get there early enough.  They said that they would rather wait outside and do it the old fashioned way, where someone just pulls up in a truck and yells out how many they need and they pile in and go to work. 

            As I looked around I also noticed that there are a lot of businesses that cater to the Latino community.  I saw a Western Union that helps Latinos send money back home.  It is projected that ten billion dollars are sent to Mexico every year.  That is an incredible amount of money.  I also saw a Latino music store, a cowboy boot store and a clothing boutique.  It is a representation of the economic power that Latinos are acquiring.  I believe that in time Latinos will blend more and more with the American culture and the same thing that happened with Italians in the east coast will happen in the West coast.  The Latinos will be such an integral part of the culture and economy that no one will even notice them as being outsiders; it will be another raceís turn to be criticized and used as scape goats. 


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