Family Object

Here are the two most valuable objects that my family owns.  They are two photos of my ancestors.  This first one is of my great-great grandfather.  His name was Ishibe Watanabe.  My family from my mother's side is Japanese from a place called Yamanashi-Ken, Japan.  Here are a few pictures of what Yamanshi-Ken looks like. 

His son would end up being my great grandfather.  He moved to Mexico in the early 20th century when World War I broke out.  As you can see the photograph is very.  There is something written on the back but it is in Japanese and we have not had it translated yet. 


This second photo is of my great-grandfather and his family.  The little girl on the lower left hand corner was my grandmother.  Her name was Maggie Watanabe, she passed away before I was even born. 


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