City Migrants

I found the US/Mexico border to be no farther than the boundaries of my own property.  I live in an HOA community in Surprise, AZ.  Two things happen at the border of my property that illustrate two cultures from two nations coming directly in contact.  One, is that on my side of my property line, lives myself and my wife.  I am American born, and my wife is American born, and of Native American descent.  One the other side of my property line to my West, live a very nice Mexican couple.  One is Mexican born and legalized now, and the other is third generation American born of Mexican descent.  The second thing you can find on my North border, are community lands.  HOA maintained land that is designed for use by the residents of our community.  This area is a border between countries every Thursday and usually another random day as well.  This is because there are migrant workers that do all the landscaping for the HOA.  I went and spoke with them Tuesday and found out that they are not all legal, and as such wouldn’t let me photograph them.  I have spoken with them before, and they know I’m not la migra, so it was OK.  But they are trying to build up cash as most people are, and some of tem are trying to bring family over, and some are just here for the money.  Two are legal, and speak fluent English and Spanish.  Apparently I am the only member of my community that talks to them.  This shows a clear line of difference, and it embarrassed me to hear it.  Say hi to the landscapers in your neighborhoods.  Sure, the first couple times they look at you like you’ve gone mental, but they'll warm up.

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