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Student course work

Students’ original research and creative activities, prepared as assignments for urban studies and related classes in the social sciences, arts and humanities, etc.

  • Learning From South Phoenix 2003-2006 (

    A collaborative research adventure into the changing urban culture and social space of South Phoenix. Web portfolios produced by students at Arizona State University West for Kristin Koptiuch's urban studies courses

  • Crossing the Valley 2004-2006

    Interviews with immigrants and refugees in metropolitan Phoenix. From web portfolios produced by students at Arizona State University West for Kristin Koptiuch's Migration and Culture course.

  • Invisible Cities Sketches 2001

    Delightful and insightful short essays based on Italo Calvino's marvelous book, Invisible Cities.  The assignment was to write an "invisible cities" piece that retains the imaginative spirit of Calvino but uses as its raw elements urban resources, issues, problematics more familiar to the students' own experiences, especially in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Produced by students in Kristin Koptiuch's Focus on Phoenix urban studies course.

Working papers

Working papers by researchers and community practitioners and experts


Galleries of digitized photographs and images, maps
(for now, many many photos are included in the web sites listed above)


Multimedia productions, interviews


Cumulative bibliography of relevant references cited by contributors, linked to online sources when available.


Phoenix MetroWeb

eventually will include dynamic, interactive web capabilities that would allow individuals not only to access and evaluate materials but to add their own information as well. MetroWeb invites anyone with expertise in this type of web development to contribute their skills and become collaborators in this project.


This site is under development. For submissions, comments, volunteer assistance, or other inquiries contact:


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