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My Bio Page

By Wren Chan

Name - Wren Chan
Age - 19 years old
Education - Stuyvesant High School ('05); Carnegie Mellon University ('09)

Who am I?

I learned in Psychology of Personality that according to the Self-Concept Theory I am a collection of self-concepts that I've developed in the course of my lifetime. According to the existenialist viewpoint I am a being having to deal with the world which threatens to stop me from being.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York to my parents who were first generation immigrants to the United States. The history of both sides of my family is both quite amusing and somewhat depressing at times. At various points in my life my siblings were quite close to getting me killed, which according to my mother robbed me of fearlessness I exhibited when I was younger. The public school system might have played a role in killing my creativity and my thrist for knowledge though I did go to some of the best public schools in the New York City. From there without a goal, I drifted through freshmen year of college and realized that I ought to see the world and rediscover the goals that I buried long ago within me. That is why I'm here in Semester at Sea. From my experience I realized in the end we will all disappear but the influence of our actions will remain. To sum it up, all that we are is what we've done and what we accomplished in this world whether with inanimate objects or with other people.

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