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Open Letter

Welcome to my website!
By Allie D'Amanda

My goal in writing  for this class was to step away from my conventional writing style, and explore new ways of expressing my thoughts and  feelings.  After a journey like this, there is no way for me to continue my old way of writing and thinking.  I have experienced things I could not have imagined.  I am positive everyone on this journey could say the exact same thing.  But something has shifted inside of me, something I did not expect.  My friends at home know me, but they don't.  My family knows what makes me tick, but they don't.  Something is different.  I am who I was, but I'm not.  I can't put my finger on why, but I can. 
My conscience is troubled, but it is free. 

If there is one thing I want to take from this journey it is that sometimes you have to get lost enough in order to find yourself. You have to step away from the conventional, the norm, the comfort of what you know and lose yourself in the unknown.  Only there have I found answers, although I'm not certain as to what.  What my life holds for me in the future, I do not know, but as long as I have a smile on my face, an open mind, a will to succeed, and a heart to heal, I will be just fine.


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