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The Treasure Map

Home is...

ocean sky Explorer sunset

Home is a $300 million ship, surrounded by consumption, tight-tucked and turned-down beds, and fresh towels everyday.  It is overpriced internet, overpriced everything.  It is buffet-style meals prepared for me and hundreds of other bellies by unknown faces kept stowed away in the "Crew Only; Restricted Area." 

Home for the past three months has been riddled with abundance, but with it, the abundance of beautiful souls swaying and swing dancing to the rolling-pin ocean that has carried us all around the globe.  We traveled from all parts of the world to begin an epic adventure, each of us the lead role in his or her story.  With an itinerary of 11 visited countries (including the U.S),  the lessons are inevitable.  How convenient for academia that such encounters - new places, intercultural mingling, inventive forms of communication, uniquely diverse people - carry with them such education.  An education that can never be acquired via any other form; no book will lay out the guidelines for these kind of life lessons.

So here it is, folks, 100 days later, a mere snippet of the lessons that permeated my conscious, or perhaps better said: my subconscious.  With a bit of navigation, you will find mini-introductions to the countries, people, and themes that I had the opportunity to embrace.  I hope that this offers you an embrace of your own, one from me, from my words, and from the lessons - like summer blueberries - that I gathered along the way. 

Take a basket and feel free to let the juice run down your chin.

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