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About Me


I am a Mexican American student at the University of California - San Diego, currently in my third year and traveling the world with Semester at Sea.  I am a double major in Communications and Spanish Literature.  I have lived my entire life in the city of Los Angeles, and am the first in my family to have gone to a four-year university.

            At first I chose Semester at Sea as my study abroad program because I wanted to study in more than one country.  I’ve now discovered that this journey is so much more than that.  The encounters and observations that I have written about in this site, and others not shown, have helped me understand and appreciate myself and the people that are dear to my heart.   

Although my parents did not graduate from high school they are supportive of my decisions and my determination to find my place in the world.  I am an independent person who has opened doors for myself and am not scared to try challenging things.  I have a unique interest in the languages of the world and the cultural differences between myself and the people I encounter in my travels.  I am excited to keep on learning and expanding my worldly knowledge.

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