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Open Letter to the Students of the WORLD

By Carmina Osuna

            I write this as a form of advice to you.  I encourage you to read a ton not just about love and mystery or more serious things like history but about the world.  No one really needs to travel around the world to experience or see discrimination occurring.  Open up your eyes to the real world; look at all of the detail that is happening around you.  Make it a point to visit a predominantly impoverished area, or unions, even a place where you know a lot of migrants live.  Make sure to ask them why they’re there, where they come from, their degrees from school, and where their family is.Photo

            Be a part of this world and its people.  Gandhi said it best when he said, “be the change you want to see in the world,” and be considerate to the people arround you.  See everyone with equal eyes because no one is better than anyone else regardles of their socioeconomic standing, culture, or family.


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