Fall 2003 ---Professor: Kristin Koptiuch
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University West, Phoenix, Arizona


What are they??

Borderlands of Race/Ethnicity
KaMaili Jones, White at the End of the Tunnel
David Keys, Difference: The Invisible House
Elizabeth Mulvey, Prejudiced Parents?
Joanna Sliwakowski, My Polish Heritage Debra Baca , ¿Qué soy? (What am I?)
Judith B. Edwards, Cruzando Fronteras

Bertha Haskin, Breaking the Cycle of Hate  
Jessica Calix, An Insight into Me
Joey Cassidy, The Gringo
Jason Morden, White on White Discrimination
Jolene Duran, Color Blind Amy Denson , Undeserved Prejudice?                                 

Anonymous, What Side Would I Choose?  
Nicholas Kolb, Troubling Thirst
Linda Elias, We Are Also Americans!        
Ana Trejo, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Anonymous, Irony
K Warren, Family Colors: How I Was Introduced to Race and Bigotry

and Inter-Race

Magdalene Cox ,  I  Am Proud of Who I Am
Junia DeFaria, The Unaware Other
Dawn Palmer, Family Dynamics
Amy Pang, Date Your Own Kind
Crystal Roderick, My Trip to Discovering My Family
Chandler Timms, Ethnic Encounters

Borderlands of (Trans)Nation

Michael Jolicoeur, A Shattered Mask
Travis Richards, Germanic Immersion
Alex Rotundo, Trash and Graffiti in Rome

SL, The Ways We Are Formed

Borderlands of Gender

Anonymous, Old Traditions...Die Hard!
Amy Vestal, Just the Way the World Works
Cindy Nelson, Express Yourself Don’t Repress Yourself

Borderlands of Class

Eric,  The Shoes
Anna’Re Frassetto, Clash of the Classes

Tony Hight, My Changing Viewpoint         
Jeannette Jewell, Early Lessons of Life Jon Beiser, Revelations Into Another World
 Alex Forbes, A World of Difference
Daniel Forbes, A Question of Class

Borderlands of Sexuality

Travis Pinnock, My First Time in Day Care

Amy Rosenbaum, The Future of Difference
Aaron Williams, Don't Ask Pinky

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