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Letter to the residents of South Phoenix


For the last eight weeks, we have roamed south Phoenix on an odyssey of learning.  We have studied everything from the Rio Salado Project to south Mountain and everything in between. 

Thanks to Dr. Koptiuch, I now understand the need that drives gentrification, while at the same time it can disrupt irrevocably the lives of so many who are dependent on lower cost living areas.  We have studied the good that comes of this and the bad.

Although I have not decided for or against any of the improvements to  South Phoenix, I am now aware of them like I never have been before.  I hope that this class has taught me the importance of viewing everything that happens in our city, state and country as a vital concern.  Because no matter my interest in the goings-on of various neighborhoods, every aspect of change can and will affect me at some time in my future.  I hope that I have been prepared to recognize this, and take action when and if needed.

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