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        On January 28, 2005 my freeze frame was taken of not just the neighborhood but of the view. The location of the freeze frame was the middle of the street on 12th Street between Pecan and Wayland. First, I looked north this view is a glimpse of the high-rises downtown and the Bank One Ballpark. This neighborhood is known as “the vistas” but entering into the neighborhood from the south side the sign reads “South Vistas”. The view of downtown was one of “the vistas” most valued assets and it’s now beginning to be blocked by the new two story homes. The original neighbor hood is to the east. The houses all show life to me. When the readings for the week strongly state and others suggest that the original residents have no life and that’s the reason for growth, new houses, and non-urban moving south to bring life. Life is shown by the homes not all looking alike. Residents taking time out to plant flowers, trees, gardens and painting homes in the color of their choice which shows life, character, and individualism. Not all yards and homes maintained but is that not an individual’s choice or right as a homeowner. Because if it gets too bad the city fines them and city workers need to earn the money we the residents of the city pay them to ride around in city vehicles making sure that city codes are met and not violated.
        Next, thing you would notice is an 8ft. tall brick wall as you look to the west. Then you see the sign reading Drug and Gang Free Youth Community. Do these things tell the original neighbors were glad to be your new neighbors or does it say or imply “Keep Out” & you all are gang members and drug dealers and you don’t deserve our privileges. On the other hand the new houses all look alike with dull and neutral colors and rock landscapes, NO LIFE – not even in the yards (grass). Does this really make the statement LIFE? Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful homes but new do not mean life by any means. “New” means unpaid for (mortgages) = No time off or free time = people having to work to be able to afford them and that usually means NO LIFE other than work.
        Finally, the south view as far as I can tell from my freeze frame location it’s has not been distorted. The view is a beautiful one of South Mountain. Some residents of the original neighborhood are sitting and standing around wondering what we are doing. They probably have assumed that we are the police because we’re writing stuff down and taking pictures. I hope you understand the attitude taken after reading so of the articles but it has really changed my enthusiasm about this class and the reasons behind South Phoenix’s new developments.

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