Memory Map


          My memory map is centered around the phoenix house I moved into, from San Diego about twelve years ago.  Due to the fact that my childhood years were spent in California, I wouldn’t describe this neighborhood as a place I grew up in.  However, I can recall many fond memories here.  This house is about seventy years old and is surrounded by other historical houses protected by the Willow Historical District.  Most of our neighbors were senior citizens, and although I lived near the heart of the city, the neighborhood was surprisingly quiet.  Only a few blocks away from my block were old southern style mansions adjacent to Encanto Park.  St. Joseph’s Hospital was also only a few blocks away.  My neighbors were routinely guiding my dog back home; he would always find a way to escape through our back yard.  We never neutered him and there were a lot of bitches on the block…lot’s of female dogs too.  I remembered my friends and we would eat at Johnny’s Chicago hot dogs which was owned and operated by one of my friends’ dad.  It was just around the corner on Thomas road and 3rd avenue.  We would stop there on our way home from school. 

            These homes were considered the North Phoenix historically.  The residents living in this neighborhood consisted of the middle to wealthy classes.


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