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Lab News

Nikita Kumari graduates with a Ph.D. in Chemistry

Good luck at Intel!

Bryan Ugaz graduates from the Barrett Honors College

Good luck at Stanford!

Souvik Poddar joins our lab

Welcome Souvik!

Kaitlyn Parrot joins our lab

Welcome Kaitlyn!

Our paper reporting osmolyte-induced self-assembly of sliding clamps was published in Biophys. J.

Anirban Purohit, Lauren G. Douma, Linda B. Bloom, and Marcia Levitus Biophys. J. 2021. 120 73-85.

Dr. Levitus becomes the Associate Director for Graduate Students

Congratulations Anirban!

May 2020 - Anirban Purohit defended his doctoral thesis. Contratulations Dr. Purohit!

Bryan Ugaz joins our team

Bryan will be part or our new NSF-funded project on DNA repair

Our lab received NSF funding to investigate DNA repair from a physical perspective

ASU and USF investigators collaborate to explain where DNA repairs occur most frequently

A paper featuring work by our former lab member Monika Ciuba was published.

"Protein Environment and DNA Orientation Affect Protein induced Cy3 Fluorescence Enhancement (PIFE)".Biophys. J.

Dr. Levitus receives the Distinction of Merit and Scholastic Occupation (DMSO) Teaching Award.

A paper featuring our collaboration with Rebekka Wachter was published.

"Assembly–disassembly is coupled to the ATPase cycle of tobacco Rubisco activase".J. Biol. Chem.

Congratulations Chris!

Chris Dilli graduated from the Barrett Honors College with a BS in Biochemistry. Congratulations, and good luck!

A paper featuring work by Bryan Donaphon was published.

Photophysical Characterization of Interchromophoric Interactions Between Rhodamine Dyes Conjugated to Proteins. MAF.

Congratulations Andrew!

June 2018 - Andrew Serban (co-advised with Rebekka Wachter) defended his doctoral thesis and will graduate with a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Congratulations Dr. Serban!

Congratulations Moses!

April 2018 - Moses Onyeabor defended his Honors undergraduate thesis and was accepted in the Microbiology graduate program at ASU.

Congratulations Bryan!

April 2018 - Bryan Donaphon defended his doctoral thesis and will graduate with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Congratulations Dr. Donaphon!

A paper featuring work by Nikita Kumari was published.

Cyanine Conformational Restraint in the Far-Red Range. JACS.

Two papers featuring work by Jennifer England and Anirban Purohit were published.

Mechanism of opening a sliding clamp. Nucleic. Acids Research.
Electrostatic Interactions at the Dimer Interface Stabilize the E. coli beta Sliding Clamp. Biophys. Journal.

Congratulations Monika!

May 2017 - Monika Ciuba graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Congratulations Monika!