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Last Updated: Sept. 15, 1999

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
October 21-23, 1999 

Writing and Politics: Histories, Evolutions, and Revolutions  Keynote Speaker: Linda Brodkey, University of California--San Diego     

None of us lives without a history: Each of us is a narrative. We are always standing some place in our lives; there is always a tale of how we came to stand there, though few of us have marked carefully the dimensions of the place where we are or kept time with the tale of how we came to be there. --James W. Corder

  ...the overthrow of a political position (or, as far as that goes, any position or ideology) is only a capitulation to eventual recapitulation.--Victor J. Vitanza

This year the WSCC theme will grapple with historical accounts and interpretations, and/or theories and political perspectives on the study and teaching of written communication.  The conference relies upon presentations that encourage audience participation and discussion, and contribute to the theory, research or pedagogy of rhetoric and writing in the following areas:  

  • Historiography  
  • Writing Instruction
  • Technologies  
  • Multiculturalism 
  • Program Administration 
  • Publishing 
  • Disciplinarity  
  • Writing  
  • Literacies  
  • Epistemologies/Ideologies
  • Academic, Professional or Social Communities