English 217

Writing Reflective Essays

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English 301 - Writing in the Professions

English 217 - Writing Reflective Essays

Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks

Ornament of Heaven: The Book of Enheduanna

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The catalog describes English 217 as a course that involves critical examination of the influences writing has on the formation of identity through narrative analyses of self and culture. In this particular course, we look carefully at the genre of creative nonfiction as it relates to reflective writing. We will focus primarily on your own writing through journaling, and the development of several genres of essays through several drafts. These projects will include: an Interview/Profile Project, two Autobiographical Narrative Projects, and a Book Proposal as well as a Final Portfolio which will include, in addition to the projects mentioned above, your 60+ page Creative/Reflective Journal.

That sounds like a lot of writing and it is. You’ll write well over a 100 pages this semester, which sounds daunting, but I think you will find that it is interesting...even absorbing at times. This course is designed as an intensive workshop to which I encourage you to bring your own projects and interests. I plan to use a variety of rhetorical invention techniques including in-class writing and to experiment with bridging the genres of essay, drama, and fictional techniques as applied to nonfiction writing.