Curriculum Vita

Arizona State University
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Curriculum Vita


English 301 - Writing in the Professions

English 217 - Writing Reflective Essays

Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks

Ornament of Heaven: The Book of Enheduanna

CMC Committee


Ph.D. University of Arizona, May, 1997 (Rhetoric, Composition, and the
Teaching of English)

M.A. University of Arizona, 1994 (Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching
of English)

Research Interests:

History of Rhetoric and Historiography
Composition Pedagogy and Theory
Rhetoric of Psychoanalysis
Rhetoric of Scientific Discourse
Technical Writing


Lecturer, Arizona State University, 2001- present.
(Writing in the Professions, Freshman Composition, Reflective Writing)

Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga, 1997-2000
(Rhetoric and Composition, Professional Writing, Scientific Writing,
Writing Essays for Publication, Engendering Ancient Rhetoric (Graduate),
Ancient Rhetoric (Graduate), Writing for Essays for Publication (Graduate).

Graduate Teaching Associate, University of Arizona, 1995-7 (Business
Writing, Advanced Composition, and Freshman Composition)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona, 1994-5 (Freshman
Composition and literature)

Adjunct Faculty, Pima Community College, 1994, (Developmental Writing)

Instructor, Escuela de Ingles, San Miguel de Allende, 1993 (English as a
Second Language)

Instructor, Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos, Fortaleza, Brazil, 1976-77
(American Literature)



Arizona State University

Chair, Computer Mediated Instruction Committee, 02-03
Member, Writing Programs Committee, 01-03
Member, Writing Certificate Program, 01-02

University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga

1998-2003 Appointed as full member of the Graduate Faculty at the University
of Tennessee@Chattanooga

1999-2000 Committee member master's thesis, Tanya Cochran, Rhetoric and

1999-2000 Research Committee (campus wide)

1997-2000 Composition Committee, English Department

1998-2000 Women's Studies Advisory Council (campus wide)

1998-9 Student Rating of Faculty Instruction Committee (campus wide)

1998-9 Western Humanities Committee (campus wide)

1999 Committee member, honors thesis, chemistry dept.

1998 English 277 and 278 course descriptions proposal to the General Education Committee

1998 Co-author of a successful $130,000 proposal for a campus-wide writing center

1998 Intensive Writing Committee Implementation Sub-Committee

1998 Independent Study Director, Dori Griffin, "Journal Publishing."

1998 Thesis topic director, Karel Sira, "The Rhetoric of the Native
American Short Story."

1998-2000 Help Desk Consumer Council Advisory Group (campus wide)

University of Arizona

1995-6 Elected graduate teaching assistant representative to the Graduate Teaching Assistant Advisory Committee

1995 Editorial Intern, Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition. New
York: Garland, 1996.

1995 Evaluator, entering student placement exams

1993-5 Elected graduate student representative, Department of English Faculty Council

1995 Served on the Department of English ad hoc constitution committee

1993-4 Travel committee for graduate students without assistantships

1993 Session Facilitator, "Portfolios." Arizona English Teachers' Association. Gilbert, Arizona. October, 1993

Recent Workshops/Additional Training

Intensive Computer Training Workshop, Superonline v. 2.0, August 5-9, 2002

CLTE Summer Institute on College Teaching--Active Learning with Technology, June 3-7, 2002



1990-1993 Coordinator, Marketing/Outreach KUAT TV, University of
Arizona. Duties continued to include those listed below as well as marketing
and outreach activities for Channel 6 educational programming.

1987-1990 Coordinator, External Affairs and Audience Relations, KUAT
TV, AM and FM. Duties included: principal responsibility for grant writing
for three public broadcasting stations, as well as special assignments for
the General Manager; coordinator of all Public Advisory Board business and
state and federal legislative liaison.

1987 Acting Coordinator, Media Services. Duties included management of the Film Library and Equipment Services Departments on the University of Arizona campus as well as continuing to fulfill job duties of the title listed below.

1985-87 Administrative Assistant, Division of Media and Instructional Services, University of Arizona.


Academic Books

Lipson, Carol, and Roberta Binkley, eds. Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks, Southern University of New York Press (forthcoming 2003)


"A Rhetoric of the Sacred Other from Enheduanna to the Present: Composition,
Rhetoric, and Consciousness." Diss. U of Arizona, 1996.

Academic Articles

Lipson, Carol, and Roberta Binkley. "Introduction." Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks, Lipson, Carol and Roberta Binkley, eds. Albany: SUNY, (forthcoming 2003).

"Before the Greeks: Problems of Origins and the Other Reading the Ancient Early Figure of Enheduanna." Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks, Lipson, Carol, and Roberta Binkley, eds. Albany: SUNY, (forthcoming 2003)

"Anna Akhmotova," "Juliet Mitchell," Barbara McClintock," and "Alva Myrdal." Entries in Interdisciplinary Biographical Dictionaries of the Western World's Great Cultural Eras. Vol 8: The Modern Age, 1914-2000. (Forthcoming, 2004).

"Enheduanna: Looking Back 4,300 Years to the Beginning of Literacy and
Woman's Voice" Bridwell-Bowles, Lillian, Hildy Miller, Erika Rivers, eds.
Revisiting Rhetorica: Explorations in Feminist Rhetorical History,
(forthcoming 2003)

"The Critic: An Invention/Intervention suggestion to Locate the Voice Behind
Writer's Block." Duane Roen, ed. NCTE Guide to Teaching First-Year
Urbana, Ill: NCTE, 2002.

"Invention as a Strategy of Revision." Duane Roen, ed. NCTE Guide to Teaching
First-Year Composition.
Urbana, Ill: NCTE, 2002.

Binkley, Roberta, and Louise Rodriquez Connal. "Collaboration, Revision, and
Advanced Composition: Context, Reflection, and the Classroom." Advanced
Composition: Principles and Practices
. NCTE (forthcoming, 2003)

"Psychoanalytic Theory." Theorizing Composition: A Critical "Sourcebook of
Theory and Scholarship in Contemporary Composition Studies.
Mary Lynch
Kennedy, ed. Connecticut: Greenwood, 1998.

Gronbeck, Bruce E., and Roberta Binkley. "Walter J. Ong." Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition: Communication from Ancient Times to the Information Age. Ed. Theresa Enos. New York: Garland, 1995.

"Colonialism and the Struggle for Interpretive Power: The Rhetoric of Sor
Juana Ines de la Cruz." Educational Resources Information Center, 1995

Journal Articles

"Literacy Across Languages and Cultures." The Writing Instructor (14) 1995.

"The Advent of Literacy and Authorship: Reading from the Margins." Ed.
Thomas Willard. Essays on Literacy: 17 Voices. Tucson: Imp P, 1994

Contributing bibliographer College Composition and Communication Bibliography
for Rhetoric and Composition, 1994

"The Pine Tree Buddha." Arizona English Bulletin 36 (1993): 46-48.

"Meet Myra Dinnerstein: A Profile." Source: A Journal for Southwestern
, 2 (1977-78): 1-3.

Several articles in Coyote, a Journal of the Southwest. 1977-79.

Short Story

"High Heels." Arizona English Bulletin (1997).

Book reviews

"Portfolios, Assessment, and Reflective Teaching." Rev. of Eyes on the
Child: Three Portfolio Stories
, by Kathe Jervis. Iowa English Bulletin 43

Several book reviews in Coyote, a Journal of the Southwest 1977-79.


"The Athenian Paradigm–Why Does Rhetoric Always Begin with the Greeks?" Western States Composition Conference" Seattle, October 24-26, 2002.

"Before the Greeks: Authorship, Origins, and Rhetoric," Rhetoric Society of America, Las Vegas, May 23-26, 2002.

"Originary Myths and Unconscious Assumptions," Conference on College
Composition and Communication, Chicago, March 20-23, 2002.

"Dialogic Rhetoric: 5,000 Years of a Discourse Genre," Conference on College
Composition and Communication, Denver, March 14-17, 2001.

"Pushing Back the Classic Canon 3,000 Years: Ancient Mesopotamian Rhetoric,"
Conference on College Composition and Communication, Minneapolis, April
11-15, 2000.

"Enheduanna, Looking back 4300 Years to the Beginning of Literacy," Second
Biennial Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference, Minneapolis, Minn., October
7-9, 1999.

"Looking Back 4300 Years: Rhetorical Approaches to Teaching the Oldest Woman
Author, Enheduanna."SCMLA 55th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisianna,
November 12, 1998.

"The Bicameral Mind: Using Both Hemispheres." CCCC Preconference Workshop,
Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, Conference on College
Composition and Communication, Chicago, April 1, 1998.

"Enheduanna: The World's Oldest Published Author." Women's Studies Lecture
Series, September 21, 1998.

"Bracketing Discourses: An Ancient Rhetoric of Feminist Spirituality and
Psychoanalysis." Works in Progress, University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga,
September, 1997.

"Invention and a Rhetoric of the Sacred Other: Enheduanna, Cicero, and Jung."
Rhetoric Society of America, Tucson, Arizona, May, 1996.

"The Rhetoric of the Goddess, Psychotherapy, and Academic Discourse."
Conference on College Composition and Communication, Milwaukee, Wis., 1996.

"At the Intersection of Composition and Consciousness: An Ancient-New
Literacy." Tri-University Annual Rhetoric Conference, Arizona State
University, Tempe, Arizona, February, 1996.

"Colonialism and the Struggle for Interpretative Power: The Rhetoric of Sor
Juana Ines de la Cruz." Conference on College Composition and Communication,
Washington, D.C., 1995.

"Enheduanna's 'The Exaltation of Inanna: Toward a Feminist Rhetoric."
Rhetoric Society of America, Norfolk, May 1994.

"Foreshadowing Rhetoric: "The Exaltation of Inanna." New Directions in
Critical Theory, University of Arizona, March 1994.

"Ancient Authorship." Guest lecturer, English 251A (Western Civilization:
Ancient Visions). University of Arizona. September, 1994.

"Women, Writing, and Authorship." Guest lecturer, Women's Studies 205.
University of Arizona, September, 1994.

"Writing as Heuristic: A Holistic Approach to Teaching ESL." RCTE Forum,
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ., September 1993.


American Association of University Women
Arizona English Teachers Association
Association for Women Faculty
Association of Professional Writing Consultants
Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition
Council of Writing Program Administrators
Faculty Women's Association, Arizona State University
National Council of Teachers of English
Rhetoric Society of America
South Central Modern Languages Association


Awarded faculty research grant, summer 1999, for study in the Babylonian
Collection, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.

Second Place Short Story winner, 1996 Teachers as Writers Contest, Arizona
English Teachers Association.

Elected to Pi Lambda Theta, an international honor society and professional
association in education in 1966.

Travel grant award, Department of Women's Studies, University of Arizona,

A full-length play, read by the Invisible Theater as runner-up in the Arizona
Playwrights Competition (1982).

A one-act play produced by the University of Arizona Lyceum series (1980).


Co-author $100,000 proposal to establish a writing center at the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga

Primary author of a proposal to the National Endowment for the Arts for a
$150,000 challenge grant to establish an endowment which was awarded to KUAT
AM FM in 1989. In 1991 one of two key people who raised a matching $150,000
from private donors