Doctoral Dissertations Awarded

  1. Muhilan Ramamoorthy, ``Heuristics for Arc Routing Problems and Their Applications,'' Fall 2022.
  2. Abraham N. Aldaco-Gastelum, ``A Framework for Screening Experiments and Modelling in Complex Systems,'' Spring 2015.
  3. Jonathan Lutz, ``Scheduled Medium Access Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,'' Co-advised with Prof. C. J. Colbourn, in CIDSE, ASU, Fall 2013.
  4. Kahkashan Shaukat, ``Statistical Monitoring and Control of Locally Proactive Routing Protocols in MANETs,'' Spring 2012.
  5. Yuhan Moon, ``Cooperative Multi-Channel MAC Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks,'' Fall 2010.
  6. Suhaib A. Obeidat, ``Cross-Layer Opportunistic Adaptation for Voice Communications over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks,'' Spring 2008.
  7. Daniel W. McClary, ``Modelling and Monitoring Ad Hoc Networks,'' Spring 2008.
  8. Minghao Cui, ``Contention Resolution with Power Control in Wireless Medium Access,'' Fall 2007.
  9. Kiran K. Vadde, ``Network Protocols: Interactions and their Statistical Optimization,'' Fall 2005.
  10. Andrew D. Myers, ``Hybrid Media Access Control Techniques for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks,'' Co-advised with Prof. I. Chlamtac, UT Dallas, Spring 2002. (Winner of the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award at the University of Texas at Dallas!)

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

  1. Yasmeen S. Akhtar (co-advised with C. J. Colbourn), January 2019-August 2020.


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