Ramon's page of tidbits

Here is where I am stashing various bits of code and other information that I want to keep handy.

Latex and Tex

Captions in Latex
Latex figure placement
Latex dashes from Prof. Ragan
Latex quotes from Prof. Ragan


Setting permissions and linking in UNIX
Movies and ps2gif
Some ghostscript tidbits: Cleaning postscript and converting to pdf
A script to make a table of converted thumbnails with links to original digital camera images

Matlab tidbits

email from Sarah Robinson with hints about writing to a file from matlab
Directory with m file, sample datafiles and eps output for 1d interpolation for Matt Baillie leveling data
Creating and plotting a parabola for Jake Bleacher
Flood Control District of Maricopa County Single Sensor Data Display Form data analysis codes for import, visualization, and flow volumes

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