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Ian R. Gould
President's Professor

(480) 965-7278
Office: PS D-109
Lab: PS D-126

Graduate Students

Christa Bockisch

Christa works in the Hydrothermal Organic Chemistry Group (HOG) group at ASU, a collaboration that also includes chemists and geologists Everett Shock, Hilairy Hartnett and Lynda Williams, and graduate students Kris Fecteau, Kirt Robinson and Kristin Johnson. Christa works specifically on the hydrothermal organic reactions of oxygen-containing structures and the mechanisms of their reactions. She studies homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis, both experimentally and computationally. Her work is relevant to reactions of geologic significance, she is also learning from geochemically relevant processes how to develop novel green chemistry.

Yang, Z.; Lorance, E. D.; Bockisch, C.; Williams,, L. B.; Hartnett, H. E.; Shock, E. L.; Gould, I. R. "Hydrothermal Photochemistry as a Mechanistic Tool in Organic Geochemistry: The Chemistry of Dibenzyl Ketone", J. Org. Chem., 2014, 79, 7861-7871.


Ara Austin

Ara is trying to understand the factors that contribute to students success in college organic chemistry, in particular the non-cognitive "affective" factors such as motivation, cultural capital and stereotype threat. The work involves a combination of qualitative and qualitative analyses and instrument development using factor analysis. Ara is also helping in another project with Kurt VanLehn to develop an intelligent tutoring system for organic chemistry.

Austin, A. C.; Ben-Daat, H.; Zhu, M.; Barrows, N.; Atkinson, R. L.; Gould, I. R. "Measuring Student Performance in General Organic Chemistry", Chem. Ed. Res. Prac., 2015, 16, 168 - 178.