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Ian R. Gould
President's Professor

(480) 965-7278
Office: PS D-109
Lab: PS D-126


Professional Preparation
University of Manchester (England), Chemistry, B.Sc. (Hons) First Class, 1977
University of Manchester (England), Photochemistry, M.Sc. 1978
University of Manchester (England), Photochemistry, Ph.D. 1980
Columbia University, Photochemistry, Postdoctoral Researcher, 1981 - 1983

2005 - Present: President's Professor, Arizona State University
2004 - 2005: Professor, Arizona State University
1998 - 2004: Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
1996 - 1998: Research Associate, Eastman Kodak Company
1988 - 1996: Senior Research Chemist, Eastman Kodak Company
1986 - 1988: Research Chemist, Eastman Kodak Company
1983 - 1986: Research Associate, Columbia University

Recent Publications (H-index = 51)
131. Venturi S., Tassi F., Gould I. R., Shock E. L., Lorance E. D., Bockisch C. and Fecteau K. "Mineral-catalyzed production of benzene under hydrothermal conditions: Insights from experimental studies on C6 cyclic hydrocarbons", J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 2017, 346, 21-27. 132. Yang, Z.; Gould, I. R., Williams, L., Hartnett, H., Shock, E. L. “The influence of minerals on hydrothermal reactions of ketones”, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 2018, 233, 107-126. 133. Austin, A. C.; Hammond, N.; Barrows, N.; Gould, D. L.; Gould, I. R. "Relating motivation and student outcomes in general organic chemistry", Chem. Ed. Res. Prac., 2018, 19, 331-341. 134. Bockisch, C.; Lorance, E. D.; Williams, L; Hartnett, H. E.; Shock, E. L.; Gould, I. R. "The Mechanisms of Dehydration of Secondary Alcohols Under Hydrothermal Conditions", ACS Earth Space Chem., 2018, 2, 821−832. Editor’s Choice manuscript. 135. Robinson, K. R.; Gould, I. R.; Fecteau, K. R.; Hartnett, H. E.; Williams, L. B.; Shock, E. L. “Deamination reaction mechanisms under acidic hydrothermal conditions”, Geochimica Coschimica Acta., 2019, 244, 113-128. 136. Fecteau, K. M.; Gould, I. R.; Glein, C. R.; Williams, L. B.; Hartnett, H. E.; Everett L. Shock, E. L. “Production of carboxylic acids from aldehydes under hydrothermal conditions: A kinetics study of benzaldehyde”, ACS Earth Space Chem., accepted, in press. 137. Fecteau, K. M.; Gould, I. R.; Williams, L. B.; Hartnett, H. E.; Johnson, K. N.; Shock, E. L. “Bulk Gold Catalyzes Hydride Transfer in the Cannizzaro and Related Reactions”, ACS Catalysis, under revision 138. Shock, E. L.; Bockisch, C.; Estrada, C.; Fecteau, K. M.; Gould, I. R.; Hartnett, H. E.; Johnson, K.; Robinson, K. R.; Shipp, J. A.; Williams, L B., "Earth as Organic Chemist", In Whole Earth Carbon, under revision. 139. Glein, C. R.; Gould, I. R.; Lorance, E. D.; Hartnett, H. E.; Shock, E. L. "Mechanisms of decarboxylation of phenylacetic acids and their sodium salts in water at high temperature and pressure", Geochimica Coschimica Acta., under revision. 140. Bockisch, C.; Lorance, E. D.; Hartnett, H. E.; Shock, E. L., Gould, I. R. "Selective Green Hydrothermal Reductions Using Geomimicry", submitted to Green Chemistry. Synergistic Activities
1. Chairman, Organic Photochemistry Gordon Conference (1999)
2. Cottrell Scholar Award (Research Corporation, 2001)
3. Member Advisory Board, Inter-American Photochemical Society (1998 - 2003)
4. Chairman, Inter-American Photochemical Society Conference (2002)
5. Editorial Board Member, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology (2005 - 2014)

Collaborators (20 total)
N. Barrows (Grand Valley State University), W. Kramer (Millsaps College), T. Lorance (Vanguard University), H. Hartnett (Arizona State University), E. Shock (Arizona State University), K. Van Lehn (Arizona State University), L Williams (Arizona State University), A. Moore (Arizona State University), R. Atkinson, (Arizona State University), J. Muzyka (Center College), K. Schanze (University of Florida), S. Fleming (Temple University), P. DeLijser (California State University, Fullerton), N. Hammond (University of Rochester), S. Simpkin (Arizona State University), B. Armitage (Carnegie Mellon University), J. Springer (Glendale Community College), J. White (Phoenix College), D. Falvey (University of Maryland), M.D.E. Forbes (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors (2 total)
A. A. Gorman (University of Manchester, U.K.)
N. J. Turro (Columbia University)

Graduate Students and Postdocs (8 students and 3 postdocs)
Cheng Song (self-employed)
Kirstin Hendrickson (ASU)
Christine Lewis (self-Employed)
Zofia Wosinska (self-Employed)
Ziming Yang (Oak Ridge Natl. Lab)
Rajeev Ranjan (Intel)
Christina Bochkische (current)
Ara Austin (current)
Edward Lorance (Vanguard University)
Wolfgang Kramer (Millsaps College)
Naoki Ito