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Young Adult Lit WebQuests


Classroom & Extended Activities

These activities are meant to be used as anticipatory sets or reading enhancements.


Classroom Activities:

Dangerous Dialogue

Students are asked to write a dialogue in the same format as the book—between student & teacher / parent.

The Blame Game

Students list common problems in their lives and match up easy scapegoats.

How to Write Memos

Students choose a memo in the book and write a similar one with a real context.

Patriotic Collage

Students cut and paste articles that pertain to the flag, the anthem, or other national symbols.


Students are asked to respond to a local article and write an editorial response.

Principal’s Panel

The class interviews the principal about common behavioral concerns and options.

For Extended Use


Extended Activities:

Walk to the Flag Pole

Class walk to the flagpole where a student reads a patriotic story or sings the national anthem.

Parental Interview

Students are to interview their parents using guided questions created in class.

Writing a Screenplay

Given the proper formatting, students are asked to write 1-3 scenes of a high school misunderstanding.

Mile Walk / Run

Students must walk / run around the school track and then listen to a coach talk about sports & grades.

Digital Field Trip to…

A cemetery to count service men’s and women’s graves; or a veteran’s museum--both with a camera for a report.

Tell me a Story

Students must find a veteran and request a story, which they must report to the class.


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