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Other Books by Avi

Alphabetical List of Young Adult Books by Avi


  • A Place Called Ugly
  • The Barn
  • Beyond the Western Sea
  • Captain Grey
  • The Christmas Rat
  • Blue Heron
  • Emily Upham’s Revenge
  • Encounter at Easton
  • The Fighting Ground
  • Finding Providence
  • History of Helpless Harry
  • The Man Who Was Poe
  • Midnight Magic
  • Night Journeys
  • Nothing But the Truth
  • Punch With Judy
  • Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name
  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
  • Who Was that Masked Man Anyway?
  • Wolf Rider


A Place Called Ugly, by AviThe Barn, by AviBeyond the Western Sea, by AviCaptain Grey, by AviThe Christmas Rat, by AviBlue Heron, by AviEmily Upham's Revenge, by AviEncounter at Easton, by AviThe Fighting Ground, by AviFinding Providence, by AviThe History of Helpless Harry, by AviThe Man Who Was Poe, by AviMidnight Magic, by AviNight Journeys, by AviNothing But the Truth, by AviPunch With Judy, by AviSometimes I Think I Hear My Name, by AviThe True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, by AviWho Was that Masked Man Anyway?, by AviWolf Rider, by Avi



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