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Torn Thread Book Summary

By June of 1943 the Nazis had already occupied the Polish town of Bedzin for two years, and Eva, her sister Rachel, and their father are living in constant fear of being rounded up and sent to a Nazi labor camp or a concentration camp.  When Rachel, already sick and weak from the meager rations she received in the ghetto, is forced to go to the camp.  In a desperate act of love, the girls' father arranges for Eva to go to the same camp so that she can take care of her sister and escape the certainty of death in a concentration camp.   Imprisoned in the concentrated Nazi labor camp in Czechoslovakia, Eva and her sister Rachel are forced to make blankets and uniforms for the Nazis, walk miles in the freezing snow, and live on scraps of bread and cold broth.  As Rachel gradually succumbs to her illness and the strain of life in the labor camp, Eva begins to lose hope that she will ever be reunited with her father and the family that she remembers.  As Eva herself begins to succumb to the harshness of life, she redefines her idea of family and rediscovers the power of hope.


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