Laura Moorhead

A Taste of India

My wonderful curry 

            Recently I went to the Taste of India restaurant on 16th Street and Bell.  The outside is located in a normal looking strip mall which interestingly also included an Indian/British grocery, a Thai restaurant, and a Greek restaurant.  Inside is a totally different world of sounds, sights, and smells.  There was traditional Indian music and décor.  A picture of the Taj Mahal covered the back wall.  The owner/server was Indian but spoke

 with a British accent.  I learned that this is not uncommon due to the long British occupation of India.  There appeared to be many Indian customers.  This restaurant seamed to be a place of familiarity for them.  The menu mainly consisted of Indian foods but there seamed to be a blend of American culture.  There was a variety of sodas to choose from and you could order fish and chips for the less venturous. 



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