Sail to America!

This is Laura's family migration story.

My fatherís side of the family has been in America since around the time we won our independence and not much is known about when and where exactly they came from, only that we have English and German ties.  My grandmother recently discovered that we are related to John Adams, and early president of the United States.  On my motherís side my grandparent were Dutch and German.  My great grandparents moved from Holland to America before WWI.  They were of the poor working class in a province called Freeceland which had its own language and often experienced prejudices from their own countrymen.  My great grandfather lost his finger in an accident at work and was fired from his job.  He realized he would never get out of the working class trap and decided to move himself and his wife to America.  With WWI starting, he was afraid he would be forced to volunteer for the army so in 1915 they boarded a passenger ship to America.  It was on the Atlantic Ocean the same time the Lusitania was sunk, also a passenger ship sailing on the Atlantic.  They were required to have a sponsor in the U.S. (who I donít know) in order to be allowed to migrate.  Eventually they became farmers in Nebraska.  To represent my familyís migration story, here pictured is a tea pot from The Netherlands which was my great grandmotherís and is now my motherís

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