Where Cultures Collide

I took a trip to where cultures collide in a mini strip mall at 32nd St and McDowell Rd in Phoenix. There are American businesses at one end, with a Chinese buffet and Mexican restaurant at the other.  There is also a yerberia (herb store) and of course a grocery store where many Hispanics do their weekly shopping.  This strip mall is at its max on the weekends.

While there, I was personally threatened for taking pictures.  The people that threatened me wanted to see the pictures.  They believed that I had taken pictures of them.  Once they saw that I had taken pictures of the store names, they decide that it was all good.  I wonder if these are the people that do all the illegal activities by selling fake green cards, social security cards.

Within a couple blocks there are a couple of Carnecerias or Mexican style markets specialty in meats and other foods, which are full with people on the weekend.  There is also an Italian restaurant and about 7 Mexican restaurants within a couple blocks apart from each other.


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